CrossFit: June 5, 2013

Warm-Up: Burpee Dodgeball

There’s something about burpee dodgeball that makes me want to do it. I typically have no desire to play dodgeball but add punishment of doing burpees when you get hit and suddenly I’m inspired to run and dodge…weird 🙂

Skill: 2 front squats at each 30 sec mark for 8 minutes (clean from the ground each time) – #55 which was challenging but it felt great to be adding plates to the bar again!

WOD: 10-to-1 thrusters (#40) and kettlebell swings (25kg)

12:15 finish which I’m happy with – thrusters were hurting my shoulder a little bit so Jim told me to watch my elbows when I was coming down. Apparently when you pull your elbows in as a straight line (like you’re supposed to do), you actually engage your triceps. I’m already sore and that was only 5 hours ago 🙂


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