CrossFit: September 29, 2015

Day late…

Skill: Shoulder press with 10 @ 50#, 10 @ 55#, and 10 @ 60# – the last set ended up being a combo with push press since they got heavy fast!


10 Minute AMRAP
15 Wall Balls (20/14)
30 Double Unders

I got thru 6 rounds RX on the wall balls but working on the DU’s. I had them before I moved but new rope and it’s been awhile, I couldn’t get the rhythm yesterday. Definitely need to buy a new rope…


CrossFit: May 7, 2013

Wasn’t planning on going to CF on Tuesday after being in Haiti for a week (I’ll post on that later) but I am going to have to go out of town again on Wednesday evening for another week and needed some exercise after sitting in airplanes and airports for 15 hours on Monday.

Warm-Up: 2 rounds of 800m run, (10) 30# slams, (10) pointers each leg

Strength: Power Jerk and Split Jerk to work on form and find one rep max – I worked on my form since I was pretty dead from all the travel.

WOD: 3 RFT – 25 wall ball, 10 side slams each side, 400m sprint – I finished in 9:55 with a 14# med ball for everything which I was pretty satisfied with

CrossFit: March 6, 2013

Strength: hanging snatch 7 x 1 @ 55#

WOD: 50 double unders then 4 RFT of 5 power snatch @55# and 30 wall ball (14#) and then another 50 double unders – I finished in 20:05 and am proud of it!

Most of the time I either push myself with the number of reps or with the weight so if I can’t do the activity then I’ll just do less reps then the WOD calls for or at a significantly lighter weight. Today I stuck with my weight and I did all the reps! I’ve been feeling pretty down about myself lately and I think not being at crossfit/working out hard is part of it (unfortunately my thyroid is probably the other part of it)…

CrossFit: January 24, 2013

Strength: 5 x 3 power cleans @ 55lb

I did attempt 75lb and got two reps. My shoulder popped funny so I didn’t make it to three reps. I’ll try again.

WOD: 20 min AMRAP – 5 cleans @ 55lb, 10 toes to bar (more like knees to chest), 15 wall balls (14lb ball)

I was in the worst mood ever when I showed up for crossfit. I was a few minutes late and I never did manage to get out of that funk. I did not do the toes to bar, I just hung on the bar for a couple seconds and then called it quits. I did do 10 reps of cleans in each round to kinda make up for it…it kinda works, right?

Totals: 2 cleans at 75lb, 65 cleans at 55lb, 60 wall balls

CrossFit: Day Twenty-Two

January 19, 2013

Fight Gone Bad.

15 minute RFT broken into three 5 minute rounds with one minute rest in between.

Wall Ball @ 14# – 84 total reps

Sumo High Pull Dead Lifts @ 55# – 30 total reps

Box Jump @ 20″ – 40 total reps

Push Press @ 55# – 27 total reps

Row – 25 calories burned

Overall I did 206 reps in 15 minutes which is awesome! Apparently 250 is what is considered “CrossFit Good” and the max in our class was 278. My partner did 226 but I beat her in box jumps and SHPDL’s. We tied in Row and Wall Ball. I’m happy 🙂

I’m also pretty sore for the workout Thursday night and Friday morning – mostly in the low back and thoracic spine. Running 5 miles this morning (in a hour with lots of hills) before this workout is probably contributing to the overall tiredness I’m feeling right now as well. It’s totally worth it to have control of my body again (if I ever really did).