CrossFit: April 2, 2014

Warm-Up: 300m row, 10 pointers, 10 supermans, 2 shuttle runs

Skill: Deadlift reps of 3 – I pulled 200#!!!!! My PR prior to this morning was 145# 1 rep but I pulled 155# 18 times during the CrossFit Open so I knew my 1 rep max was a little low but not 55# low! I am really excited about this but a little bummed that Jim didn’t get to see it (he’s still on his honeymoon).

WOD: 5 rounds with 1 min rest in between of 3 power cleans (85#), 6 front squats (85#), 9 bar-facing burpees – 11:50!

Today was a great day to be at the box. It was rainy and stormy. I woke up early enough to read my Bible and pray before (totally makes all the difference in my day). Everyone was all smiles. I am so thankful to God that my body can continuously gain strength. I am excited to see what He has planned for it!! πŸ™‚


CrossFit: March 24, 2014

Warm-Up: Burpee Dodgeball

Skill: Snatch working schemes of 3 – 55# max for me

WOD: 20min EMOM of 5 burpees over the bar or 5 OHS (alternating minutes) which I completed at 55# πŸ™‚

CrossFit: March 21, 2014

Warm-Up: 3 rounds of 10 jane fonda’s, 2 shuttle runs

Skill: Strict press to find a 1 rep max and then pushpress to find a 1 rep max using a 3x3x3x1x1 scheme – I kept my same strict press max at 85# but my pushpress max is now 110#! πŸ™‚

WOD: 15min AMRAP of 9 DL (105#), 12 T2B, and 15 box jumps (20″)

I only finished three rounds but that was because I was trying to learn T2B.



Moves I can do!

When the annoucement was made last Thursday, I was stoked! Deadlifts and box jumps!! And the weight scheme hit me. πŸ™‚

We had done heavy deadlifts Wednesday and my max had only been 145 for 3 reps. This meant I was only going to be able to get 55 reps in 14.3 unless I PR-ed. Consider me motivated! haha

Workout: 8 minute AMRAP of 10 DL @ 95#, 15 bx jumps (20″), 15 DL @ 135#, 15 bx jumps, 20 DL @155#, 15 bx jumps, etc.

Saturday everyone at the box wore tanks and spandex (except me since I’m still self conscious – both about my arms and about competing)) and were ready to go! I was pumped! and I did PR πŸ™‚

73 reps.

73 reps means that I pulled 155# off the floor 18 times! Which also means I need to go back and re-do my max effort on deadlift…

My low back is a little sore but I finally broke down at bought a foam roller this weekend which helped. I also went runningfor 5.5 miles to enjoy the weather in Loose Park late Saturday which helped work out some of the soreness out of my hamstrings. This morning was back squats at the box which is also helping work out some of the residual soreness from being a couch potatoe yesterday. I’m also thinking a massage tonight will get me back to feeling good tomorrow.

So bring it on CrossFit Open! I’m excited for 14.4 because at this rate, I’ve PR-ed every open workout. I’m ready to see where else I can push myself πŸ™‚

CrossFit: March 12, 2014

Warm-Up: 300m row, 2 shuttle runs, 10 kick-ups

Skill: Dead Lift 3 x 5 working towards 90% – I actually PR’ed it at 145# because I wasn’t paying attention/forgot what my last PR was (I was still a little sleepy haha)

WOD: Karen – 150 WB (14#) for time – 9:09!!

We were supposed to row 500m when we were done and do some midline work but I was beat! I’ll probably do some sit ups tomorrow morning after I run to make up for it. I just didn’t have anything in me to give…

CrossFit: February 26, 2014

Warm-Up: 25 jumping jacks (x2), 10 weighted Jane Fonda’s (25# x2), 10 hollow rocks and supermans

Skill: Squat Clean – 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 1 x 1 (65, 75, 80, 85, 95, 100)

I HAVE A 100# SQUAT CLEAN!!!!!!!!!

I tried for 105# but it didn’t go. If I had had a few more attempts I may have been able to but it was time for the WOD. I’m really really happy to have hit triple digits on this one. In fact, I think my front squat max is holding me back on the squat clean which is a fun place to be πŸ™‚

WOD: 1 RFT of 100 DU’s, 21-15-9 DL (85#) & show me push-ups (knees), 100 DU’s – 16:55

I am very thankful to Jim for letting me continue working after the 15 minute time limit. Mentally I wanted to finish that workout. I’m pretty sure my arms did not but that’s ok, I made it!


CrossFit: February 7, 2013

I’ve been in Houston more than I’ve been in KC in 2014, by a landslide, which unfortunately means significantly less CF. My box also started using Wodify to track workouts which means I’ve been less inclined to post them here. I think I’m going to get back in the habit of 1. going to CF and 2. posting workouts here with my thoughts.

Warm-Up: I was late because I walked in the snow to the box so I did 25 air squats, 25 supermans, 15 crunches

Skill: fastest 500m row – 1:48! New PR!

Skill x2: butterfly pull-up progression – I think I’m going to be able to get these before I get kipping pull-ups because it’s all mental and much less strength in the pulling motion. I was close but not quite today which was great since this was the first time I’d tried them.

WOD: 5 RFT of 5 push press (75#), 10 rollouts, 15 kettle ball swings (20#), 20 pistols (10 each leg, box) – 17:12 which I’m pretty proud of! The push press weight was pretty heavy for me but the kettlebells were a little light so it all felt good. πŸ™‚

CrossFit: January 9, 2014

Warm-Up: 50 DU unbroken (I got 17 in a row which is a PR!!), 10 hollow rocks/supermen on the bar, 10 kick-ups

Skill: Turkish Get-Ups – 5 @ 10# and 2 @ 15# (I also did a few lateral raises since my shoulder was feeling the 15#)

WOD: 12min AMRAP of 15 wall balls (10#), 15 kettlebell swings (20#), 15 T2B

I finished 5 rounds and 11/15 wall balls! It feels great to be working out on a regular basis again. My body is sore and I’ve been tired this week but I like it – it’s reminding me that I’m changing and that’s good.

500m row – 1:55 with is a 5 second PR! Whoop!


The Thanksgiving Holiday is different for me every year, mostly because I am rarely with the same people or in the same place as previous years. My parents have always opened their home to anyone who didn’t have anywhere else to be for Thanksgiving which brough some great memories including Korean graduate students or fraternity brothers or even sometimes family.


I think this open invitation is due to my parents struggling through graduate school (both of them) with a 6 month old infant and vowing to make the path for those behind them easier (my Dad still chooses to teach classes on theΒ college level) but it’s also because their only daughter rarely comes home for the feast because she typically has football tickets. Some years my parents have gotten smart and gone to the football game with me or traveled to have Thanksgiving close to the stadium so I would attend.

This Thanksgiving was a little bit different. It was different because for the first time since I went to college, I was a little sad to not be at my parent’s table. It was the first Thanksgiving without my grandmothers. It was the first Thanksgiving where the football wasn’t on Thursday (it was Saturday). It was the first Thanksgiving I had to work both Wednesday and Friday. It was the first Thanksgiving where I was completely alone in my house on Thanksgiving Night.

I think it’s healthy to want to be with family. I had a great Thanksgiving! Separation has created a longing to be home for Christmas that I haven’t had in the past. Typically my travel over the river and thru the woods is trying on a good year but this year I won’t care. I’m ready to go home for Christmas!

So what did I do for Thanksgiving this year?

I ran a 5k with my friend and her family and boyfriend which I PR’ed πŸ™‚



Then it was off to my friend Brad’s Parent’s house to have Thanksgiving lunch with them, his sister and her boyfriend, and their cousin. It was traditional food and super yummy!

Than back to Lee’s house to help cook Thanksgiving dinner and eat with the 5k crew. We packed up and went over to the club level of the hotel her parents were staying in to watch the lighting of the Plaza which officially kicks off Christmas in KC and was also on my KC Bucket List. πŸ™‚ It was even better that we didn’t have to be outside in the cold with thousands of people!

After cleaning the dishes, Lee and her Mom and I went shopping at Kohl’s and Michaels. The lines were two hours long in Kohl’s to checkout but we ended up with some great loot including my presents for Affordable Christmas and the last (almost) of my Christmas gifts for friends and family!!

It was a long day but one I am emensely thankful for. Friends are chosen Family and I had two great families that adopted me for Thanksgiving. (By the way, my parents had 12 at their house for Thanksgiving this year including my brother’s girlfriend, and two care givers of my grandmother and their family members. Everyone said it was drama free and delicious, exactly how Thanksgiving should be!)