Recipe: Sweet Potato Waffles

If you are a human being and you eat food then you should eat this food.




Paleo Newbie’s Sweet Potato Waffle Recipe is perfect just the way it is and it definitely made my weekend this past weekend.



Recipe: Tuna Patties

After being in a eating-rut, I finally made a recipe off my pinterest board and it was superb!

And in true Stacey-fashion, I didn’t follow the directions all that well, so….

I used parsley instead of dill, doubled the broccoli amount, halved the quinoa amount, used olive oil-based mayo and not traditional, and friend them in leftover bacon grease instead of coconut oil (I’m allergic to coconut and I love bacon – true southern woman so I have leftover bacon grease in my frig). 

These are truly delicious! I could have eaten the entire batch but tried to control myself so I could have some left over for lunch tomorrow. 

Recipe: Gluten-Free Beef Stroganoff

I am obsessed with this recipe ! Beef Stroganoff has been a favorite of mine for years, dating all the way back to Mom making the hamburger helper version growing up.

I did make some modifications so I’m going to write out the recipe below but the modifications were made because I didn’t have some of the ingredients the first time I made it. 🙂

1 package of mushrooms (pick your favorite kind)
1 white onion
1 lb. of ground beef, browned (you could use any kind of ground meat)
1/2 cup of white wine
1 cup of plain greek yogurt
onion powder
garlic powder

I sauté the diced mushrooms and white onion until almost done. Next, add the browned meat and mix in. Add the wine and yogurt. Sprinkle the onion and garlic powder over the top of the skillet. Stir and let simmer for approximately 5-10 minutes. Serve in a bowl.

Some people following the paleo diet will still cook with wine and will eat yogurt and some people won’t. It’s personal prefernce. I’m not sure what you could substitute for these two ingredients in this recipe however.

You could add quinoa or any noodles you want to to make this more of a “true” beef stroganoff recipe but the flavors don’t need it (and neither does my waist line). Enjoy!

Recipe: Depression-Era Cake

My niece turned one back in February (still working on writing the post about her birthday party and my world-wind trip to Dallas) and my best friend (her mom) used this recipe for her cupcakes. I wasn’t the only person at the party that is gluten-free and a couple of the other party animals are also egg- and dairy-free so this recipe is perfect.

The recipe originated out of the Great Depression and world wars when people didn’t have eggs and milk to be able to cook with. It uses vinegar and water reaction (could be a pretty cool cook experiment to do with small children) to make it fluffy. We made the gluten-free version into cupcakes which turned out fabulous! I’ve since made this recipe three times because it is so easy and allergy-free. Enjoy!

Recipe: Paleo Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

I am a table leader for the membership class at church for 9 weeks which has given me a great opportunity to try some new recipes. There are a couple people at my table that are gluten-free and dairy-free which makes paleo recipes intising.

After pinterest-ing for much longer than is healthy, I decided to try this recipe. It was really good! I didn’t have any leftovers after class so I’m assuming everyone else thinks it’s pretty good too. I actually followed the recipe for this one (probably because it’s measure, combine, and dump) with my cooking time being closer to 30 minutes. Enjoy!

Recipe: Sour Candy Grapes

I found the original recipe here for sour candy grapes via pinterest. Go figure.

I’m a table leader for the membership class at my church (Redeemer Fellowship). It’s a 9 week class that focuses on what the church does and does not believe. People take it with the intent to then write down their faith story, start volunteering at the church, and sit down with one of our pastors to discuss their life. At the end of the process you become a member of the church. It’s pretty lengthy (especially in comparison to other churches I’ve been a member of) but I think it accomplishes a church community that serves each other and is sheperd-ed by our team of Elders.

Each week, the DNA table leaders help facilitate the discussions that take place during class and strive to develop some community. Optionally, they bring the snacks. I had seen this recipe on Pinterest for a long time now but had never tried it. I figured I would let me table be guinea pigs.

They loved them! (and I did too)

I used green grapes, washed them, patted them dry, and rolled them through fruit punch and sugar-free lemon jell-o mixes. After about 4 hours in the refrigerator, they were funny looking but very tasty.

I did have a few leftovers which I froze and ate for dessert the next night. I prefer the frozen ones, personally.

These snacks are perfect if you need a quick fix for an activity or have someone who has severe food allergies. The kids hanging around at church definitely loved them too!!

Thursday Night Clams

Warmer weather, Thursday night without any place to be, great wine in the wine rack, and a trip to Costco leads to some experimenting in the kitchen for dinner. I had the windows and doors wide open at my house. Music drifting through the cool evening air. Candles lit. Home alone. Leggings and a tshirt. Barefoot. Bliss.

I stumbled upon The Domestic Man this week and figured I would try out a recipe. I chose his post on Littleneck clams which Costco had last week. Living in the midwest means good seafood is rare. I really don’t eat seafood at restaurants around town because usually doesn’t taste so good. Yes, I am one of those snotty people who can taste the difference in seafood that has been previously frozen. I still eat it. I just don’t want to pay to eat it at a restaurant. Costco had littleneck clams flown in that morning from Boston. I was in for trying.


The recipe is so easy and I didn’t make any modifications.

Warning: I sliced my finger open on one of the clams since I wasn’t paying attention while I was washing them. I was paying attention after that, of course! It didn’t dampen how good the recipe is 🙂

I used a bottle of Ruffino pinot grigio that I had picked up several months ago at a wine tasting at Cellar Rat. The recipe also tasted so good that I ate all the clams myself while drinking the rest of the bottle of wine which watching the CrossFit Open 14.3 announcement. I rounded out the evening by watching the new episode of Scandal at a friend’s house.


It was a perfect Thursday evening.

Recipe: Blue Buffalo Chicken Soup



I found the original recipe on Pinterest here. I’m not super good at following directions so I left out the orzo and didn’t substitute anything in its place which is probably why mine was a little bit more runny than the original recipe. The recipe made enough soup for me to eat 5 different meals. It was a great recipe to make on the weekend and eat the rest of the week!

Almond Shortbread Cookies


See the original recipe at Brittany Angell’s blog

CrossFit Matters had a fall paleo BBQ/family hangout at the box Friday night. We all signed up to bring food items on facebook. I was at work and quickly trying to decide what I was going to bring when I notice that no one had signed up for dessert. I figured I had lucked out so I signed up for it – then I read all of the instructions. No dairy, no gluten, no grain (including corn), no sugar (artificial/processed but not at all is preferred), no eggs, no legums (soy and peanuts). How in the world do you make dessert without all of those things?!?

I eat a gluten-free diet and have no dairy issues but still stay away from cow’s milk (I like almond milk) but this was going to be a challenge – no wonder no one else had signed up for dessert! After several hours of internet scouring, I ran across this recipe and I am so happy that I did! It’s quick and easy and was a huge hit at the party! There were zero cookies left to take home (much to my roomate’s disappointment).

Recipe Adaptations: I used honey for my sweetener and vanilla for the extract but I left out the salt, food coloring, and the liquid stevia. Although I attempted the pinwheel, I found that it used too much dough for the quantities I was trying to achieve so I just rolled them out and used a couple of cookie cutters. My cook time was about 9 minutes.

Tip: the thicker cookies taste more like shortbread (which is what I was going for) 🙂