10 minutes. 30 DU’s then 15 snatches (55#) and repeat.

I was terrified. I walked into the box about 15 minutes before I was going to compete and I was still terrified. I didn’t want all these people watching me and counting my reps. Most people love having others cheering them on. They thrive on it. But I really just want to blend into the background and do my workout.

The Open is no such a place.

I ran a 5k this morning to raise money for Haiti. I finished in 30:09 (which is right at my PR). It was 18 degrees outside but my friends Lisa and Nina and I had a great time! The theme was PJ’s so there were people in all different kinds of bed-wear and even some wearing curlers in their hair to run. We had PJ pants on but that was it. This is the first 5k in a series of two. The next one is May 17th, stay tuned.

So after running the 5k, I dropped my friends off, changed my shorts, and went over to the crossfit box. After a quick stretch session with some PVC, it was my turn.

10 minutes later I had completed 135 reps.

The DU’s killed me. Really it was the 5k that had left my legs completely helpless with 4 minutes left. My arms felt the brunt of it since they now look like I was whipping my forearms all afternoon. I’m definitely going to have to wear long-sleeves to the office on Monday.


I was pleased to find upon entering the box that power cleans with a jerk were acceptable since I was not going to make it thru 15 snatches. My shoulder just isn’t up for that yet. I actually felt liked I moved the bar pretty quickly. Stupid double unders…

I am excited to hear what the next four CrossFit Open workouts are. Having people cheering and watching was really not that bad. I’ll probably have fun with it next week. Plus, no more 5k’s (or any other working out) prior to Open workouts.


Run for Orphans

The Global Orphan Project is hosting a 5k race series with two 5k’s to raise awareness about their work. I travel to Haiti with GO to work with orphans in villages in Gonaives Haiti. They are a wonderful organization who are doing God’s work to make a difference in Haiti (and all over the world). Please sign up to run these 5k’s with me!


Redeemer Goes to Haiti 2014 | myGO Project

It’s 2014 now.

In 2013, God gave me a heart that has fallen madly, completely, and utterly in love with Haiti. There is no other way to explain it except that God has open every door for me to go to Haiti, love the people of Haiti, and want to be a part of the re-building of His people there.

It’s 2014 and I’m now asking for your help. Redeemer Fellowship has two trips scheduled for going to Haiti. I will be leading/helping lead at least one (but hopefully both) of those trips. In order to do that, I need your prayers. Please pray and ask God to make it abundantly clear which trip(s) I should be going on, for Him to provide other people to go with me, that we would be His hands, feet, and heart for the people of Haiti, and that He would provide the financial support required for all who want to go to be able to go.

Finacial support is the second way you can help me. Please prayfully consider helping sponsor our trips to Haiti. You can use the link below to make a tax-deductible donation. All the funds will be used to fund these two trips to Haiti in 2014.

Trip Dates: June 18-23 and October 22-27

If you would like to go on the trip, please go to www.redeemerkansascity.org/haiti for more information or contact me on here.

Redeemer Goes to Haiti 2014 | myGO Project.

Re-entry into society

I’m struggling today (10/22)¬†with re-entering into the American society that I was raised in and only left a week ago.

It’s interesting what will set you off. For me, it was the new toilet paper holders in the bathroom at work.

They are all shiny and chrome and exactly the same as the grey plastic ones they replace (except for the material of construction). It’s probably the shiny-ness that made me realize they are different.

The world is not shiny in Haiti. It is colorful. It is beautiful. It is painted. but mostly it’s grey and well loved. How can my company justify replacing the toilet paper holder when the others are perfectally useable when there are people, children, that are not receiving an opportunity to have an education or worse, are starving to death? How do I sit in my desk at my office, cold from the air conditioning, when there are people in Haiti that need help? When my heart is pulling me back to the monetarially poorest country in the world?

God puts people exactly where He wants them. He has placed me in Kansas City. He has blessed me with a comfy chair and a cubical all to myself. Lord, I am thankful. I am thankful for my job. I am thankful for the heartarche. I am thankful for Haiti.

It helps that the people I went on the trip with have started posting in social media. I get the notifications on my phone. My thoughts turn to when they will be done posting and my life with be completely consumed by my to-do list and work obligations. When they have drifted back into their American-paced existence.

I pray that Haiti would be on my mind everyday for the rest of my life. I pray that I cannot do anything with my life that doesn’t consider God and Haiti. I know that I do not have the ability to remember them as much as I want to. I need God’s help. I am a sinner. because of that fact, yes fact, I will fall short of my desire to focus on the Lord and His will. Lord please help me.

Update 10/25:

I’ve blogged a tremendous amount since I’ve been in Haiti and will hopefully share some more of those posts in the coming days with you. I am back into the office pace now. I am thankful that it is Friday. and I am thankful for having a hard time adjusting. That sounds silly but as I apologize for being tired, itchy, or slightly-out-of-it to my co-workers, bosses, and vendors, I get to talk about Haiti.

Last time I went, my grandmother passed away while I was in Haiti so homecoming brough black dresses, funeral arrangements, and a 5-day marathon weekend in Georgia that culminated in surgery for my brother. My life swept Haiti under the rug. God has brought it out and hung it above the mantel this time. I don’t have anywhere to hide. and I like it.


“I was wrecked. Since returning home, my whole center of gravity is off – God is recreating who I am. It is clear there’s no going back on this deal. God just keeps pulling you forward and pulling you in.” – “Ruined for the Average” a book by the Global Orphan Project