Sans Sugar

My trip to Haiti has impacted my world view and I’m thankful to God for that. But I am even more thankful for all the thoughts and questions that have arisen since I’ve been back as a result of traveling to Haiti. Most of them have very little to do with that island in fact.

One of these thoughts started with Jami ( while in Haiti. She mentioned that she gave up sugar for Lent and it boosted her energy level. The interesting part to me what that she called it a heart issue. I had never thought of what I ate being a heart issue but it is. She needs God’s help to eat what she should and she was originally afraid of trying to cut it out.

So – here goes!

Today was Day 1 without sugar for me too.

I have thyroid disease and go thru seasons of struggle with it. I was doing pretty good but around the first of the year I started gaining weight again (typical first symptom). Now I’m consistently tired and my hair is falling out again. I know my thyroid is the root problem but I’m hoping that if I cut out the sugar then my body will adjust to my thyroid a little better too.

I’ve prayed to God for healing but that’s not in His plan right now. I need my thyroid to remind me to rely on Him. Without Him, I’m not going to be able to get out of the bed in the morning and go about my day (and there are definitely days even with Him that I can’t get out of bed).

God please show me the next step in my treatment.

I’m in a routine of going to my endocrinologist every 2.5 to 3 weeks for shots of hormones and B vitamins which helps for awhile. My daily thyroid medication hasn’t changed since December of 2010. I love my doctor but I’m getting frustrated not having control. This frustration is my biggest need of change from God. I don’t rely on Him to control things when I should.

My mom and I had an emotional conversation about this while I was home this weekend. She and my dad have offered to help pay for my thyroid treatments (right now I pay full price for everything because my doctor doesn’t take insurance). My mom also asked what I want to do about it all. I want to find the root problem. If it is my thyroid, I want it removed. Thyroid surgery is tricky and has a long recovery time.

Lord, please show me the next step in my treatment.

In addition to sugar, I am going to start tracking my gluten intake. I do not consume very much (I don’t think) since my mom and brother are celiacs but I am going to start writing down when I knowingly consume it to see if it impacts my overall health. I am not going to go to the extremes my family has to, but I am going to cut out bread, cookies, snack items, and pasta and see what happens.

Lord, please give me strength and resolution to follow thru with this.

Stay tuned…


Current Events

Lately I’ve been pretty down on myself, more specifically on my body image. I’ve been working really hard to loose weight with my thyroid condition. Progress has been pretty good until about 6 weeks ago. I try not to freak out when a pound or two show up on the scale but in the last 6 weeks I’ve gained 10…time to talk to the doctor…again…

In the meantime, I’ve re-focused on eating clean and working out. So yesterday was a workout marathon in response to my work trip to Baton Rouge Louisiana where I ate cajun food (and lots of it!) for two days.

Sidebar: the work trip went well. I travelled with someone I hadn’t travelled with before which is always challenging. My project manager and the corporate quality manager went with me to kick-off a section of work for this project. So far, so good on this scope of work. A trip to Bergeron’s for the Avery Special, Louisiana Lagniappe for crawfish cakes, crab cakes, red wine, louisanne black drum and then Zataran’s Kitchen for sausage and chicken jambalaya made for some good eatin’!

Typically when I get home from travelling I just want to sit on my couch, by myself, and clean out the DVR or go to sleep in my own bed. However, my roommate is pretty good about not letting me do that alone. Friday night she suggested we go out with people she has met at church.

I had a great time! We went to Denim and Diamonds, a country line dancing bar north of the river. I’ve never seen so many line dances to so many different songs before and I’m from Texas!! It was awesome to meet new people and spend time dancing, it had been 2 years since I’d gone line dancing.

So Saturday morning, I went to bootcamp at 9:30am to celebrate one of my ol’ ladies turning 51. She asked that we all come and see where she has started working as a personal trainer. She kicked our butts!

Bootcamp Workout: 40 min AMRAP of 20 reps each exercise

  • Straddle box jumps
  • Overhead squats
  • Kettleball Swings
  • Tricep curlbacks
  • Burpee Push-ups

I finished 4.5 rounds. The couple beers the night before were not as inclined to be working out as I was…

CrossFit came at 11am

WOD: Grace – 30 clean and jerks – 4:18 with 55#

Finisher: 2 min front squats 55# – 18 reps

I was pretty gased from the burpees earlier but I’m satisfied with my workout. Grace is one of my favorite hero workouts – much better than Fran haha

I got my haircut and then went over to LifeTime Fitness in Lenexa. I used to be a member there with a personal trainer. When I started my new job, I quit the gym because it is so expensive and so far out of the way from the rest of my “new” life. I still keep up with my personal trainer. He had picked up my race information and shirt for me when he was Austin since I couldn’t run because of my ears. He gave me a pass to workout with him since I drove over to pick up my race stuff.

It was great to see him, even for just two minutes. I did 100 reverse crunches with a 6# medicine ball between my legs and then 30 pull-ups. I practices some clean and jerks with  some back squats. At this point, my legs and low back were done so I went downstairs to sit in the hot tub (the real reason I wanted a pass to the gym). Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm with lightening so they had closed the pools. I went home and little disappointed, and very sore…

The plan for last night was to go to sleep early but after taking a 3 hour nap, I went over to Blue Moose to meet my ol’ lady to celebrate but I went to the wrong location. I didn’t feel like making the 100 block trip south to the right restaurant so I went over to the house of some people I met Friday night to eat dinner and talk. Originally, we were going to play games but we were all pretty tired and just hung out. It was awesome to talk about the Bible, creationism vs evolution, CS Lewis, Orthodox Jews, and country line dancing with some amazing people. I’m blessed to be meeting great people! 🙂

CrossFit: March 6, 2013

Strength: hanging snatch 7 x 1 @ 55#

WOD: 50 double unders then 4 RFT of 5 power snatch @55# and 30 wall ball (14#) and then another 50 double unders – I finished in 20:05 and am proud of it!

Most of the time I either push myself with the number of reps or with the weight so if I can’t do the activity then I’ll just do less reps then the WOD calls for or at a significantly lighter weight. Today I stuck with my weight and I did all the reps! I’ve been feeling pretty down about myself lately and I think not being at crossfit/working out hard is part of it (unfortunately my thyroid is probably the other part of it)…

stupid fears

This is a little bit silly.


It’s a lot silly. And I just need to give it up to God (which I’m in the process of) but here’s the story.

I bought a Groupon for Crossfit classes. $60 for 3 months unlimited at a crossfit/kettleball gym in Kansas City. And I’m petrified to go to my first class. It’s like a tryout class where they see where you are and teach you some basic movements. I’ve worked out with a personal trainer for a year – I think my body will hold up to the challenge but I’m not sure I will emotionally. Some part of this terrifies me!

Crossfit is something I’ve been dying to try. I quit my gym in August and haven’t really been serious about working out since. I figured I was in the best shape of my life (with a few more pounds to loose) and would just curb my diet to help me maintain. (For those of you who really know me, maintaining weight is something my thyroid has prohibited me from accomplishing my entire life but some how I thought this stage might be different…I was feeling so much better).

I’ve gained 8-10 pounds since August. For the average person this is no big deal. I’ve been traveling for work ~20 days per month, eating out, and not working out so 8 pounds is really not a problem. But for someone like me who has thyroid issues, this can be the starting of a nightmare you can’t wake up from…

I go work out on Sundays with my old ladies and love it! I ran another half marathon in November (The Northface Endurance Challenge) which was a great reminder that I need to be training before I do something like that again. I run with run club at my old gym at least once a week. When I travel to Corpus Christi (about 7 days a month), I work out with my powerlifting friend doing P90X in the garage at 4:30am. Work requires me to walk around and crawl all over modules almost every day. I am not seditary. But I need another fitness challenge. Something that I pay money to so that I make it a priority. Crossfit is an excellent answer….but some part of me is nervous.

To make matters worse, I decided that watching the crossfit games (re-run) on espn this weekend was an excellent idea. It is so impressive how these ladies are in total control of their bodies. It is impressive to watch the determination and strength pouring out of them. All of them have inspirational stories (all great athletes do).

I want to be in better shape, to control how my clothese fit (again) and I will go to my first class on December 29th and fall in love, I’m sure of it. From here to there I’m going to pray. Pray for the strength to do this. Pray for incredible people to do it with. Pray to be excited about broading my horizons. Pray that my stupid fears lead me closer to God (and a good looking body).

Slow Tuesday Morning

2.25 miles

24:35 minutes





Some mornings I wake up and just don’t feel “good.” It’s not that I feel bad necessarily (although most of the time it does) but I just don’t feel “normal” or what I feel like “normal” should feel like. This morning I woke up nausea and starving. One of the worst feeling combinations ever.

I believe everything in life can either be an excuse or a motivation so I climbed out of bed determine to make this morning be a motivation. I made it to the gym by 5:28am but was too slow for the people I was meeting at 5:30am since they were gone by the time I got my shoes laced up. It’s ok. I didn’t really feel like running and talking this morning. I put the headphones in, tuned out the world, and started the race between what I want to do and what my body was going to let me do this morning. Ultimately it was compromise with my stomach to not be quite so upset and my ankle to keep bending if I only ran two miles. Probably for the best since I have my last personal training session with Brandon tonight at 6pm.