My friend ordered a running/GPS watch a while back (and by while I mean several months ago) that finally showed up in the mail yesterday. This, of course, meant that we went running. It was 19 degrees outside in Kansas City at 5:30pm yesterday and we were running in the park. Yes, outside. No, we were not the only idiots doing it. 🙂

3.82 miles in 44 minutes but I walked 3/4 of a mile or so while she ran it since I went to crossfit yesterday morning and it was freezing (both good excuses right?). I have a 5k on Saturday that I’m pretty stoked about running (I’ll do just about anything for the kids in Haiti). I guess this also means I need to start increasing my milage if I’m going to seriously run a half marathon this spring…but it’s snowing outside (again)…




Somtimes things in life are worth being awake early for.

This was the case Wednesday morning as I found myself on a plane at 6am bound for Houston from Kansas City. As I looked out the window, I found connection with God. The Holy Spirit lives and dwells within us always (after conversion) but sometimes I don’t listen to those feelings. I don’t pay attention. I need God’s help for me to pay attention and when He paints the sky in these remarkable colors, I can’t help but sit up straight and give my full attention to where He is pointing.


It’s only been above freezing in Kansas City the last couple of days which has been a nice change of pace but feeling the mid-70’s on my skin in Houston Wednesday was incredible. My current project in Houston is growing increasingly more challenging by the day. By 4pm I was done. I drove to Spring, to my friend’s house, and decided I was going for a fun. I needed to run.

I felt this way this weekend but a silly shuffle on the ice Thursday night had rendered my right big toe painful so I went to yoga but skipped the running this weekend. I hadn’t run in a long while. This probably contributed to my shorten ability to handle my work situation gracefully. Running was in order.

I laced up my crossfit shoes (since I didn’t bring my running shoes), took some directional advise from a friend, and headed out. It was a glorious 35 minutes and 3.5 miles. I ran mostly off-road (not entirely intensional) and was privy to some gorgeous scenery like the photo above. By the time I returned, I was ready to make some phone calls, dig thru some data, answer some emails, and finish the work I was too scattered to do earlier.

Thank you God for providing me two gorgeous opportunities to feel your closeness yesterday. You love us so much you paint the sky all different colors as a display of your power and ability. You love me so much that you give me eyes to see and a heart to understand that. Thank you. Thank you for my body; my body that runs, slowly, but still runs. Thank you for the lovely weather and the safety I found in those minutes. Please Lord, help my heart to stay that connected and aware of you today, and in all the days to come. Amen.

Run for Orphans

The Global Orphan Project is hosting a 5k race series with two 5k’s to raise awareness about their work. I travel to Haiti with GO to work with orphans in villages in Gonaives Haiti. They are a wonderful organization who are doing God’s work to make a difference in Haiti (and all over the world). Please sign up to run these 5k’s with me!

CrossFit: September 11, 2013

Warm-Up: 400m run, 100 single unders, 9 speller rolls, 10 superman’s

Skill: Clean Warm-Up followed by every 30sec for 5 minutes one powerclean and two front squats (55#)

WOD: 5 rounds of 9 over the bar burpees and 11 thrusters

I ended up doing 9 bicep curls (10# each hand) and 11 thrusters with the bar because my shoulder was not having it and my legs were shot. See Tuesday night I was an idiot. I decided to run over to my friend’s house, run with her, and then run home, sounds pretty harmless, right? But I didn’t eat anything all afternoon and it was 99 degrees outside. So when I finished my 7.5 miles (since I got lost on the way to her house), I was dehydrated and cramping in my legs. It took my body a long time to cool down, even with a cold shower at 10pm, which meant I didn’t get to sleep until 2 hours past my bedtime, and then didn’t sleep soundly. Yesterday morning I got to the box early to be able to foam roll to even start doing the warm-up. My body was not cooperating during the WOD (understandable) but I was still frusterated. Thankfully my coach stopped me from over doing it, which is my typical gym problem.

Thankfully I got 8 hours of sleep last night and am taking all of today off from working out to try and give my body a breather. I hate having to take breathers but I need to start listening to myself. I can walk today (still not in high-heels due to my calves disowning me) and my shoulder is doing ok (as long as I’m not lifting anything). Another good night’s rest and I should be ok for the box tomorrow…


I’ve been packing a lot into my weeks recently and have been remiss in updating/tracking my life. (I’m such an engineer since I want to track my life but o well – embrace what God gave you!). So here’s the highlights from this past week:

Monday: Bored at work which is rare, very rare in fact. Gospel Community (small group at church) was at different location this week. An all single male group offered to cook for us (all single female group) and it tasted amazing! We had grilled hamburgers, chicken and asparagus with all the fixin’s and the girls brought gluten-free dessert since we (all the girls) eat gluten-free. The boys were sweet to research GF cooking and celiac disease. It was a nice time to talk and meet some new people.

Tuesday: Still bored at work. My friend text me late in the day about having a rough day at his new job (he’s still in orientation which can be painful) so I volunteered to cook spaghetti if he was willing to help out with soccer sports camp at church. We were late but that’s ok – we made it and had a great time! It’s a real testament to God to see 25+ at risk youth from the neighborhood playing with each other and following directions. It also hurts my heart that no one from the Redeemer body sends their kids to camp. It’s more or less free. I pray that we truly reach out as a congregation and embrace our city, not just in words but in actions.


Wednesday: Work is still boring which means next week is going to be a tough one. Soccer camp again after work. It’s neat to have the parent’s and kids start to remember you and want to know your name. The kids I played uno with last week were also there and recognized me. 🙂


Thursday: flew to Houston and back for a couple of meetings. It’s crazy to me that I am in a position with my company less than three years and that I would need to make a physical appearance for a singular day. Most of the time I try to be more efficient and combine meetings but wasn’t able to on this trip. I’ve also hit a point in my life where I want to be at my house. I pay good money to rent here and love to sleep in my own bed so I was willing to leave early and come home late to do so. The meetings were ok – I struggle managing this particular vendor (which is why I had to go in person and not via the telephone) but it was a productive meeting with them.


I was also able to buy antelope hunting clothing. If you’re not sure what that entails, it is all khaki zip-off pants and a fishing shirt. I didn’t find the trail running shoes yet but I’m going back to Texas this week so there’s still time. I love to shop at Academy sports and outdoors. It’s like a cheap Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop but for more mainstream sports. I’ll have to explain how I was gifted with this trip at a later date.

Friday: worked a half day and then took one of my friends out to lunch since she’s moving to Texas. Unfortunately, I introduced her to Spin Pizza on her last full week in town and she loved it. O well, I’ll have to introduce her to some of the amazing places to eat in Houston. It is going to be fun to have someone to go to dinner with in Houston since I’m down there so much. I had my eye examined, took a nap, and got my hair cut Friday afternoon. I wasn’t really planning on the haircut but was sick of my current hair style, which was really a lack of hair style, so I called my hairdresser and she gave me this bob that I’m in love with 🙂


Top the day off with popcorn for dinner and falling asleep to a movie in my bed and it’s a great week!

Saturday: got up early to run 4 miles with a great friend of mine that ended in gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and iced coffee for breakfast. We sat outside at Mud Pie vegan bakery and coffeehouse chatting for a good while before walking the 1.5 miles back home.


I love being able to run to restaurants and coffeehouses (I also love great conversation which Lee is a guarantee for). I then had coffee with my gospel community leader and had my eyebrows waxed.

At 2pm I met two of my coworkers and friends at Cellar Rat for a case taste wine tasting. For $5 you can try 12 wines which you can purchase (mix and match) a case for $100 which ends up being a significant savings. We ate sushi for a super late lunch/early dinner and then went back to buy our case of wine.


I followed drunken, sushi bliss with dress shopping on the plaza for something to wear to the conference I’m going to next week in Florida. Thankfully I had quick success finding a dress on sale and at the first store. My friend met me to grab coffee and help him pick out dress shoes before going to see Despicable Me 2 with a couple other guys. It’s always fun to go see an animated movie but especially with four grown men 🙂


Sunday (today): full of errands and laying around. I made going away bags for the people traveling to Haiti this week and then went to a pool to hang out. Church at 7pm which is always a blessing. I’ll try to post my response on here this week. It was a sermon that hit home with me (which is fairly typical actually) which is always welcome. Now it’s time for bed in anticipation for the week ahead and crossfit at 6am.

Goodnight and God bless.

CrossFit: Day Twenty-Two

January 19, 2013

Fight Gone Bad.

15 minute RFT broken into three 5 minute rounds with one minute rest in between.

Wall Ball @ 14# – 84 total reps

Sumo High Pull Dead Lifts @ 55# – 30 total reps

Box Jump @ 20″ – 40 total reps

Push Press @ 55# – 27 total reps

Row – 25 calories burned

Overall I did 206 reps in 15 minutes which is awesome! Apparently 250 is what is considered “CrossFit Good” and the max in our class was 278. My partner did 226 but I beat her in box jumps and SHPDL’s. We tied in Row and Wall Ball. I’m happy 🙂

I’m also pretty sore for the workout Thursday night and Friday morning – mostly in the low back and thoracic spine. Running 5 miles this morning (in a hour with lots of hills) before this workout is probably contributing to the overall tiredness I’m feeling right now as well. It’s totally worth it to have control of my body again (if I ever really did).


Do you ever make bargins with yourself?

I’m not talking about working out and then letting yourself stop for an ice cream on the way home (you are not a dog and should not reward yourself with food). I’m talking about letting yourself do something fun because you did something you were supposed to. I’m talking about letting yourself take PTO because the weather outside is amazing but making yourself complete all your chores.

Yesterday it was 60 degrees, slightly cloudy in Kansas CIty, Missouri in January. Record high! So I took time off of work to lace up my running shoes (it’s been almost a month since I just went running), drive over to my favorite park, and run an 8 mile loop outside. It was amazing!

It was amazing how sore I am today because of it. It was amazing how tired I was because of running. It was amazing how sneaky I felt for leaving work early on a Friday for a mental health half-day.

It was amazing how productive I was when I was done. Grocery shopping finished, laundry started, ironing done, cooking complete, vacuuming and mopping finished, dusting complete, mail checked, packages opened, bills paid, nails painted, and half a bottle of wine drunk while watching a movie! (Maybe that’s the real reason I was exhausted…).

I am definitely feeling my athletic pursuits from these past couple of weeks but I am also feeling much better about myself too. I’ve been pretty hard lately and I think it was due to how lazy I’ve been. Now that I’m working out, I seem to let my imperfections diminish and my positives star, which is how life should be.

Slow Tuesday Morning

2.25 miles

24:35 minutes





Some mornings I wake up and just don’t feel “good.” It’s not that I feel bad necessarily (although most of the time it does) but I just don’t feel “normal” or what I feel like “normal” should feel like. This morning I woke up nausea and starving. One of the worst feeling combinations ever.

I believe everything in life can either be an excuse or a motivation so I climbed out of bed determine to make this morning be a motivation. I made it to the gym by 5:28am but was too slow for the people I was meeting at 5:30am since they were gone by the time I got my shoes laced up. It’s ok. I didn’t really feel like running and talking this morning. I put the headphones in, tuned out the world, and started the race between what I want to do and what my body was going to let me do this morning. Ultimately it was compromise with my stomach to not be quite so upset and my ankle to keep bending if I only ran two miles. Probably for the best since I have my last personal training session with Brandon tonight at 6pm.

Starting the work week

4.0 miles

43:45 minutes

It really is an amazing way to start my work week. Running while the sun decides to wake-up. Running while society is much more calm. Running when others think it’s crazy.

It makes me calm. It makes me feel alive. It makes me much more productive at work, all week-long.

It makes me happy.

That’s why I run. It’s that simple. I love the feelings I have about myself when I’m done. I have a tremendous runner’s high and it’s amazing. It truly is a gift that I get to keep re-opening with the same enthusiasm as if I had no idea what was inside.