CrossFit: May 1, 2014

Warm-Up: 2 shuttle runs, 10 kb swings, 10 kb single arm swings, 3 kb squats low/med/high both sides, 10 kb snatches (all with a 20# kb)

Skill: Strict press 1 rep max (85#) to push press max (105#) to push jerk max (115#)

WOD: 30 SDLHP, 30 front rack lunges (both legs equals one), 30 hang cleans, 30 front rack lunges, 30 SDLHP and every 2 mins tuck hold for 30 seconds – 17:58! I did everything with 55# (RX was 65# but I was taking it easy on the shoulder) and this was a brutal workout


CrossFit: April 30, 2014

No I have not taken two weeks off of crossfit but apparently I did take two weeks off of my blog. I’ve been writing a lot lately – it’s just be in an actual paper journal. I’ve never kept a paper journal. It takes longer to write by hand than to type (I am a millennial). I’ve also been writing pretty deep since it wasn’t going to be shared with the interwebs. Hence, no blogging.

But….I’m attempting to be back at it and hopefully will be posting more than just crossfit workouts…

Warm-Up: 20 each of jumping jacks, hollow rocks on the bar, supermans

Skill: Stones! I hadn’t done this before since I’d always been out of town but it was waaayyy fun! I worked up to 95# on my right shoulder and 75# on my left (the hurt one – I dislocated it Wednesday last week so I was taking it easy this morning).

WOD: 3 RFT of 10 stones, 20 T2B, 30 burpees, 40 air squats, 50 DU’s with a 15 min time cap – I finished the first round and the stones in 15 minutes. The DU’s just killed my time but it was a great workout!!

CrossFit: April 14, 2014

Warm-Up: burpee dodgeball

Skill: Pull-Ups – worked on progressing towards kipping pull-ups

WOD: 5 RFT of 5 Jimmy C’s (55#) and 20 show me push-ups – 16:58

Jimmy C – lunge each leg with front rack weight and then split jerk each leg for one rep

This workout was pretty brutal for me since my shoulders are my weakest parts but it felt great to do it! Stronger than Yesterday!!

CrossFit: April 4, 2014

Warm-Up: 300m row, 10 pointers, 50 DU’s

WOD: Fran – 21-15-9 Thrusters (65#) and pull-ups – 8:28 with using the rings but RX-ing the thrusters.

I’m happy. The weekend before I had quit in the middle of the CrossFit Open 14.5 which had 65# thrusters in it. I was determined to finish this workout. It was all mental. I wanted to quit during the set of 15 but we did it in heats and my partner wouldn’t let me. Thank you God for giving me the strength to finish, the means to be participating, and the wonderful people at CrossFit Matters who encourage and push me even when they don’t realize it!



10 minutes. 30 DU’s then 15 snatches (55#) and repeat.

I was terrified. I walked into the box about 15 minutes before I was going to compete and I was still terrified. I didn’t want all these people watching me and counting my reps. Most people love having others cheering them on. They thrive on it. But I really just want to blend into the background and do my workout.

The Open is no such a place.

I ran a 5k this morning to raise money for Haiti. I finished in 30:09 (which is right at my PR). It was 18 degrees outside but my friends Lisa and Nina and I had a great time! The theme was PJ’s so there were people in all different kinds of bed-wear and even some wearing curlers in their hair to run. We had PJ pants on but that was it. This is the first 5k in a series of two. The next one is May 17th, stay tuned.

So after running the 5k, I dropped my friends off, changed my shorts, and went over to the crossfit box. After a quick stretch session with some PVC, it was my turn.

10 minutes later I had completed 135 reps.

The DU’s killed me. Really it was the 5k that had left my legs completely helpless with 4 minutes left. My arms felt the brunt of it since they now look like I was whipping my forearms all afternoon. I’m definitely going to have to wear long-sleeves to the office on Monday.


I was pleased to find upon entering the box that power cleans with a jerk were acceptable since I was not going to make it thru 15 snatches. My shoulder just isn’t up for that yet. I actually felt liked I moved the bar pretty quickly. Stupid double unders…

I am excited to hear what the next four CrossFit Open workouts are. Having people cheering and watching was really not that bad. I’ll probably have fun with it next week. Plus, no more 5k’s (or any other working out) prior to Open workouts.

CrossFit: February 26, 2014

Warm-Up: 25 jumping jacks (x2), 10 weighted Jane Fonda’s (25# x2), 10 hollow rocks and supermans

Skill: Squat Clean – 5 x 5 x 3 x 3 x 1 x 1 (65, 75, 80, 85, 95, 100)

I HAVE A 100# SQUAT CLEAN!!!!!!!!!

I tried for 105# but it didn’t go. If I had had a few more attempts I may have been able to but it was time for the WOD. I’m really really happy to have hit triple digits on this one. In fact, I think my front squat max is holding me back on the squat clean which is a fun place to be 🙂

WOD: 1 RFT of 100 DU’s, 21-15-9 DL (85#) & show me push-ups (knees), 100 DU’s – 16:55

I am very thankful to Jim for letting me continue working after the 15 minute time limit. Mentally I wanted to finish that workout. I’m pretty sure my arms did not but that’s ok, I made it!


CrossFit: February 10 aka Marvelous Monday

This was the CrossFit Workout this morning 🙂

For me, the back squat series was at 85, 105, 130, 140 which is pretty awesome since my one rep max is 155# 🙂

WOD: 65# SDLHP, 15# plate for the lunges, and I managed to throw 20 DU in a row for one of the rounds. Definitely have a few whip-lash marks on my right forearm from trying that several more times but that’s why I’m wearing long sleeves in the office today – 17:09 for the WOD time. Last one to finish but I don’t care. The reps are giving lots of joy 🙂

CrossFit Matters

Main – CrossFit


Old School WU (No Measure)

x1 D/B Lunge Pass Thru/Around the World
x1 D/B High Kicks
x1 D/B High Knees
x1 D/B Butt Kicks
x2 D/B Karaoke
x2 D/B Side Shuffle
x2 D/B Skip
x2 D/B Sprint and Back Pedal
x25 Jumping Jacks
x25 Air SQ


Back Squat

Record your set of x4@90%


Make sure you warm up to your first set at 65%


Metcon (Time)

x50 Pike Buy In 🙂

x10 SDLHP (95/135)
x10 OH Lunge (25/45 plate)
x50 DU

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CrossFit: Day 1A

I hurt my neck several weeks/month ago and used it as an opportunity to cancel my crossfit gym membership where I was going. My body needed a break (doctor’s orders!!) and that box wasn’t making me happy or motivated anyway.

I was cleared to start working out again, very slowly, about two weeks ago but I didn’t. I was nervous…so I went for a two mile run…and it just about killed me. Now, this is embarrassing for someone who’s run a half marathon in the last six months even if I was running hills and running super fast (for me). It was pretty pathetic. It’s amazing how not running for a couple months is terrible for your ability to go running (who would have thought? haha). But, my shoulder felt fine.

This week my chiropracter told me I was definitely clear to workout and go to a CrossFit class but I needed to take it easy. I had been complaining to some people at church about my old box so one friend suggested I try her box (CrossFit Matters). I’m am so happy that I did! It’s an incredible family of people who genuienly care about me, my health, and getting better at CrossFit!!

Go back to CrossFit after 6-8 weeks off has been extremely brutal! It’s frusterating and rewarding to ease back into it (instead of pounding my shoulder back into the doctor’s office). It’s exciting and nervewracking to be going to a new box. It has definitely made me rely more on God which is exactly what I told myself I wanted CF to do for me. I wanted to workout my body so that I could do work for God. I wanted this to change me. and change has started! I find myself praying for strength during my workouts and being thankful in prayer for having such amazing people and a place to workout dropped in my lap. It’s incredible to feel God’s presence in a place where there are so many sweat stains 🙂