CrossFit: July 3, 2013

Warm-Up: 3 rounds of 200m, 10 kettlebell swings, 10 single arm kettlebell swings, and 20 grasshoppers

Skill: clean warm-up

Skillz: Hand stand push-ups – we walked thru how to properly do a push-up (hand shoulder width apart, first fingers pointed straight ahead, elbows rotated to point straight back, flat back, on your toes) and then how to progress to a handstand push-up

WOD: 15 min AMRAP of 5 walkout push ups, 10 kettlebell swings (25kg), 15 box jumps (24″)

I finished 5 rounds which meant I was contintually moving at a consistent pace for the entire 15 minutes. I’m ok with it. My hamstrings need to be less tight, my push-ups still look like inch worm dance moves more often than they look like planks, and I still step off the box (instead of jumping off which is faster) but I’m there and I’m working on it. 🙂



The doctor told me I could fly! All I could think about was the song that goes something like  “I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky” haha! I’ve already cleared out my schedule for the next two weeks in anticipation of staying grounded but it will be a nice change of pace.

This also means that I will be skiing in Park City Utah on February 23rd!! WHOOP!

In other news, I went to my first Gospel Community meeting last night. The girls are very nice and we spent several hours talking and getting to know each other over potatoes and veggies. A couple of the girls have gluten allergies (which my mom and brother both have) which will be fun to cook for. There’s a civil engineering masters student, one teacher, a speech pathologist, someone studying to be a speech pathologist, and a graphic designer. Lots of smarts in our group!

In appropriate fashion, I walked in the door wanting to meet people who are already established in the church body and with lots of diversity in relationship status. God has perfect plans and took this opportunity to remind me that I am, in fact, not in charge. These are all single women who have been attending the church for a shorter time than I. This will be a good opportunity to expand my horizons and help people get more involved in the church. It also provides a great opportunity for me to focus on Him and not on finding a “him.”

Well…I’m going to practice my handstand push-ups at home. I’m terrified to try them in front of people at the box in case I fall on my head so I’m going to practice them at home…

CrossFit: Day Fifteen

January 12, 2013

Strength: Hang Power Snatch

We started by dead-lifting the bar and then assuming the power position. Then came the hang power snatch. Bend the knees. Load the hamstrings and glutes. Pull the bar as high as possible without bending the elbows. Jump and throw arms over head. Land with feet set for an overhead squat. Arm pits out. Hands wide.

30 reps at 45lbs.

One of the owners told me these looked good and like I knew what I was doing. This was the first complement I’ve gotten on my form since I started CrossFIt three weeks and it made a world of difference to my motivation. I had been feeling like I was lost and uncoordinated but apparently my body has been learning, even if my mind wasn’t keeping up. 🙂

WOD: 6:30:43 – Russian kettlebell swings (24kg), handstand push-ups, toes to bar, 21-15-9

I scaled the handstand push-ups to regular push-ups (which are still scaled for me) and I scaled the toes-to-bar to be crunches on the floor. I am getting stronger but am just not quite strong enough to do these two moves yet. It will come. Just keep having great form and doing all the repetitions.

CrossFit: Day Ten

January 7, 2013

The Snatch.

Monday’s WOD was all about learning the snatch and practicing the snatch. I started out the typical warm-up pretty depressed and (for the first time) questioning why I was even at the box. I was going on a roadtrip for work that day and had wanted a fulfilling workout to off-set how much my body was going to whine about sitting in the car for 9 hours.

The board when I walked in said snatch and handstand push-ups. Two moves that I have never done before in my life. No where to hide. No where to have a pick-me-up-you-can-do-this moment during this workout. Now it was 5:45am and I was running around the box wishing I was still asleep or already in the fleet vehicle…

I will admit that I didn’t even attempt the handstand push-up. Two new moves was way too much for this kid that early on a Monday morning. However, I did “get” the snatch by the end of the workout! 🙂

I started with a PVC pipe to learn the form. Then I graduated to a trainer bar which is 35lbs. The motion clicked with me about set 2 of the WOD and I graduated to the girl bar (55lb) with 10lbs on each side (75lb total). That sounds pretty light (and it is if you’ve been doing CF or a training workout for awhile) but I was pleased. At 75lb I was having the push-press to get to the top so it’s going to take me a little while to work up the weight.

I made the realization during the strength portion that I wish my box had mirrors. I typically avoid the mirrors when I go to the gym but I’ve come to use them for productivity (and not just self judgement) when I’m learning a new technique. I’m going to start coming to the gym at my office so I can practice some of these moves in front of a mirror to be able to self-correct.

Strength: 7 sets of 5 reps

WOD: 6:43:08 – 5 sets of 3 snatches (75lb), 5 handstand push-ups (I did scaled regular push-ups), 7 box jumps (24″)