CrossFit: April 30, 2014

No I have not taken two weeks off of crossfit but apparently I did take two weeks off of my blog. I’ve been writing a lot lately – it’s just be in an actual paper journal. I’ve never kept a paper journal. It takes longer to write by hand than to type (I am a millennial). I’ve also been writing pretty deep since it wasn’t going to be shared with the interwebs. Hence, no blogging.

But….I’m attempting to be back at it and hopefully will be posting more than just crossfit workouts…

Warm-Up: 20 each of jumping jacks, hollow rocks on the bar, supermans

Skill: Stones! I hadn’t done this before since I’d always been out of town but it was waaayyy fun! I worked up to 95# on my right shoulder and 75# on my left (the hurt one – I dislocated it Wednesday last week so I was taking it easy this morning).

WOD: 3 RFT of 10 stones, 20 T2B, 30 burpees, 40 air squats, 50 DU’s with a 15 min time cap – I finished the first round and the stones in 15 minutes. The DU’s just killed my time but it was a great workout!!


CrossFit: April 7, 2014

Warm-Up: lunges, pass thrus, around the world

Skill: Timed 800m – 3:44

WOD: 21-15-9 OHS (45#) and T2B – 8:20

My shoulder was a little slow moving this morning and the workout was supposed to be double that weight but I decided to take it easy, control my movements, and enjoy it 🙂

CrossFit: March 31, 2014

Warm-Up: 300m row, 10 hollow rocks on the bar, 10 weighted Jane Fonda’s (25#), 50 DU’s (3 attempts)

Skill: Back Squat – sets of three to find your heaviest – 85#, 115#, 125#, 135#, 145#, 150#, 155# 🙂

WOD: 12min AMRAP of 7 hang cleans (65#), 9 show me push-ups (knees), 11 T2B (knees to elbow for me) – finished 5 rounds and 3 cleans for a total of 138 reps!

My T2B are super close. I felt like I was actually getting the motion through my shoulders this morning and Kevin (sub coach for Jim since Jim is on his honeymoon) said they looked really good! T2B are definitely the skill I want to be able to do in the next 6 months!


The chipper.

So it finally came – the 2014 open workout that can only be described by gnarly.

14 min AMRAP of 60 calorie row, 50 T2B, 40 wall balls at 9′ with 14#, 30 Power cleans, 20 muscle-ups

I have always skipped toes to bar in work outs. May will mark one year of crossfitting and until Friday I had zero, perhaps even negative desire (since that’s possible), for learning toes to bar. I didn’t take gymnastics as a child. I actually never learned how to do a cartwheel even!

So Friday I walked into the box, looked at my coach, and said teach me the ways of toes to bar because I want to get one during the open. I wish I could say that I mastered them in 15 minutes but, alas, that is not the case. I did however discover that I need to try them during workouts because I wasn’t quite as bad as I thought I would be. I can get my right foot to touch the bar but not the left.

Saturday went as expected. I completed the 60 cal row in 3 minutes (I love to row) and then had 11 minutes to work on toes to bar. Although I was frustrated since I’m great at wall balls and am capable of completing the power cleans, it was awesome to hear the crossfit community cheering me onward. It was also great to watch the other athletes competing.

I am hoping that 14.5 is a workout where I can complete all the moves (even if they’re slow) since it’s the last one for this year’s open.

CrossFit: February 17, 2014

It almost didn’t happen today. I looked at wodify before getting out of bed and really wanted to roll back over. I also want to be skinnier which ultimately ended up winning the fight this morning.

Warm-Up: Tabatha style (20sec on, 5 rest) for 10 minutes of air squats, push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and DU’s

Skill: Clean and Jerk – 65#, 75#, 85#

WOD: 1 RFT of 30 burpees, 30 thrusters (65#), 30 T2B (knees to elbows for me), 100 DU’s – 15:00 but I didn’t do all the T2B since my shoulder was fatiguing. I am pretty happy with the 100 DU’s (20 strung together) and I did put my long sleeve shirt back on to avoid looking like I got whipped this weekend at the office 🙂