Restaurant Week: Bristol

Last night was our trip to Bristol Seafood Restaurant in P&L downtown KC. Traffic was miserable to get up there (crazy wreck on highway 71) but the experience was superb. I will definitely be going back!

We sat at a very large table in a room divided by the wine racks. The architecture was very interesting as it provided a limited view to the rest of the restaurant as well as a view of the wine selection. They have Frog’s Leap Zinfindel which is probably my number one favorite wine to drink. You can’t buy it as an individual, you just have to go to a restaurant that serves it. It’s about $50 a bottle so not terribly expensive and entirely worth it.

I checked into foursquare so we ended up with a free order of calamari to share while we drank wine. Dinner was lobster bisque (best bisque I’ve ever had), crab cakes with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, and chocolate lava cake with raspberries and hazelnut ice cream. Needless to say, I was in heaven! Everything tasted superb and the service could not have been any better. Our waitress got a great tip and I will be going back to eat many more times in the future!!


Restaurant Week: BRGR Burgers

Tuesday we went to BRGR Burgers for lunch and it was amazing!! BRGR is one of my top 3 favorite restaurants in KC and is definitely in my top 5 favorite places to eat in the world. It’s a gourmet burger joint that gives you a lot of food that all tastes great for a good value.

The lunch special for restaurant week was a soup/salad (I had beer cheese soup which was to die for), hamburger (pretty much anything off their entire menu) with fries or sweet potatoes fries, and dessert (chocolate pie). Not the chocolate pie was not the best but it was more than decent. I was also almost full to the point of being sick by the time the pie landed on the table so that may have had some effect on my judgement of the pie…

The Tex-Az burger is my favorite – it has blue corn chips, queso, jalapeno and an egg bun and beef patty. I ate every crumb of all of that food for lunch. I was so full I was almost falling asleep driving back to the office! But it was so worth it 🙂

Overall – 9 out of 10 (since the chocolate pie was not quite up to par).

Restaurant Week: BRIO

Sunday brought church at 11am and late lunch at BRIO for our next restaurant week outing.

Caesar Salad, Lobster Bisque, Steak Bruschetta

Caesar salad, Lobster Bisque, Steak Bruschetta

Raspberry Cheese Cake

Raspberry Cheese Cake

It was a very good value for $15! There were five of us at this restaurant week event and the service was much better here. I am going to rate it as an 8 and we will definitely be back for brunch. Lots of other items on the menu looked really good.

Tomorrow brings us to Capitol Grille which is the most anticipated of all reservations so it should be interesting…

Restaurant Week: The Chaz at the Plaza

Restaurant Week kicked off in Kansas City with dinner service Friday night. I promised to tell you all about my foodie experiences that will, un-doubtly, result in several food comas and lots of reasons to go workout even harder at the box.

Restuarant Week Experience One: Chaz on the Plaza

We had 6 people and the service was pretty slow. I know it’s a dinner service at a white table cloth restaurant on a Friday night but I was expecting more to be honest.

Chicken with Fried Green Tomatoes

Chicken with Fried Green Tomatoes

Blue Crab Stuffed Salmon with Avocado Sauce and Fries

Blue Crab Stuffed Salmon with Avocado Sauce and Fries

Chocolate Torte

Chocolate Torte

Mocha Cheese Cake

Mocha Cheese Cake

My roommate had the chicken with fried green tomatoes and chocolate torte where as I had the blue crab stuffed salmon and mocha cheese cake. I am ranking the overall experience at a 7 out of 10. Pretty much average.


Easter Egg Hunting

I was paged out a meeting I was running Tuesday morning and told/asked by my boss to fly to Decatur Alabama to find some missing pieces of equipment. Within three hours I had finished up my meeting, eaten lunch, dropped some costume stuff off back at work, and was sitting at a delta airlines gate in the Kansas City Airport!

After changing planes in Atlanta, I made it to Decatur around 8pm last night. I went to Simp McGhee’s Restaurant for dinner. The Shiner Bock beer and the fact that they had the Olympics on the TV were about the only positive things about it. I had gumbo and fish tacos but it wasn’t stellar.

Breakfast Wednesday morning was at Cracker Barrell which was fantastic! Eggs over medium and an order of biscuits.

I made it to our subcontractor’s module fabrication yard at 8am and met with the VP of Operations. They lost instruments and valves associated with a project in Kansas and I was there to find them. They fired their material shipping and receiving manager over the incident and the new one had already located pretty much everything.

I spent the whole day managing paperwork and standing over someone else filling out paperwork to ship instruments and valves back to Kansas. Thankfully everything fit on the uhaul truck and were delivered to the jobsite the next day in Bushton.

I went to dinner at The Brick which was a pretty cool bar scene. They had a bunch of beer on tap and I had a Sweetwater Red Ale and a burger. I went back to the hotel and worked for several more hours on answering email. I caught a 5am flight back to Kansas city (via Atlanta) and went into work on Thursday. It was a very long week but it was worth it when my boss thanked me for going. I’m working really hard for a bonus at the end of the year because my bank account is hurting…I guess we’ll see…