My life is so unreal. It’s so hard for me to believe that “average” 26 year olds have life as good as I do. Yes, I’ve been through heartbreak. Yes, I’ve been through death and burial. Yes, I have medical problems. Yes, I work. And. Yes, I am single.


I have so much. and I’m a brat. Let me give you a life lesson from my week this week.

I went to Haiti (again) to hug babies (please read my last blog post on hugging babies here). Our team got home at 1am Tuesday morning, I put in a 13 hour workday followed by dinner with my gospel community Tuesday night, 9 hours of working Wednesday, and 10 hours of sleep last night before flying to Houston for the day for a 1:30pm meeting with my vendor. (That makes me tired just typing it all out but it’s all the truth).

I’m currently at 40,000ft (actually the pilot said top cruising altitude will be 32,000 but I like the expression so we’re sticking with it). It’s 4:42pm and I’m supposed to still be in Houston Texas. I’m supposed to be in Houston Texas until 6:30pm but my life is unreal.

My meeting (singular, I don’t understand how I became important enough to have to fly somewhere for a single meeting but I’m here) was over at 3:15pm. I drove to the airport while checking to see if there was an earlier flight I could be on. There were three choices but only one would get me to KC earlier than my direct flight at 6:30.

Security line was 300+ people long but I have the fly-by lane with Southwest so that was a 7 minute process.

3:51pm. At the gate for the flight that leaves at 4:10pm, stops in Dallas, no plane change, land in KC at 7:05pm. Standby line is 30 people long according to the gate agent. I ask her to go ahead and put me on the line. She says she will but that she only have 6 opens seat, the odds are not good, but standby the desk to see.

About thirty five seconds later she calls my name, hands me a boarding pass, and tells me to have a nice flight. I thank her for making my day. She thanked me for flying Southwest over a 100 flight segments this year.

Now, I’m squished about five rows from the back of the plane, at a window seat (yay!!), on my way to Dallas with wifi. I’m happy. and then I start thanking God. It’s His world. Having crazy flight status with Southwest Airlines should not define me. It should not define my relationships. or my world view. (well maybe it does define my view of the world but not my world view (if that makes sense)).

I have an amazing life.

You have an amazing life.

I promise you that you do. But it’s not me that makes that promise. It’s God. He is in control.

I’m in a position that has (some) power and a lot of responsibility. I have flight status. I have freedom. This all comes from an education, a family, positive upbringing, and ultimately all of those things come from God. How crazy is it that He has chosen to bless me (and you!).

He does all things for His Glory and I pray that He would also bless me with the ability and perspective to see His Glory myself. I should not boast of my flight status. It shouldn’t matter. I should boast of The Lord God Almighty who has sent His Son to save me from my sins and sends The Holy Spirit to direct my life and fill it with blessings.

So thank you God. Thank you for being in the mundane moments of my life. Thank you for a good meeting. Thank you for patience. Thank you for my job. Thank you for the view out my window. and Thank you for this amazing, ridiculous, incredible life you give me everyday.


Adventures De Madre

My mom’s week trip to Kansas City was extremely busy which is no surprise. My mom doesn’t really know how to sit still. Let’s see if I can recap her trip:

Monday – I went to the office for work in the morning so she went and walked at Loose park, ate breakfast, cleaned out the tall closet to the left of my refrigerator that I’ve been ignoring since we moved in, showered, cleaned off my front door (it was very dusty), and swept my porch before I came back home at 1pm. Then we drove out and picked up my antelope which was finally done at the processor in Wellington, Missouri. On the way back to KC, we stopped in Lee’s Summit to look for a sewing machine and fabric. We found an awesome place to get some called Fabric Recycle which is right next door to El Maguey which is the best mexican food I’ve eaten in the Midwest. This meant we had nachos and margaritas for dinner.


Tuesday – we walked in Loose Park and drank coffee in Starbucks in the Plaza before stepping in Barnes & Nobel and Pottery Barn on the way home. After showering, we went out shopping for a sewing machine and some household items. Tuesday night I have Gospel Community so I left Mom at home to play with the sewing machine we bought. By the time I came home, she was already frusterated with the one we purchased and wanted to take it back.

Wednesday – took the dreadful sewing machine back and went to the Bernina store. The owner showed us several models and Mom ended up buying a Bernina 135 that was used.

It makes 25 stitches and has a semi-automatic button hole maker. It is a very nice machine! I am truly blessed to have parents that want to invest in activities I’m interested in. (It also helps that my mom sews a tremendous amount). It had to be serviced so we didn’t pick it up until Friday morning.

Lunch was at BRGR which has a great gluten-free hamburger bun. Mom was in heaven, see picture below…


My mom helped me hang pictures and art all around our house Wednesday afternoon. She has such a good eye for where and how to hang things (my parents have a tremendous amount of art in their house). She’s also really good at being helpful while hanging things. My Dad wants to make sure everything is exactly square and measured but my Mom wants it to look correct to the eye when the ceilings and walls aren’t straight. It feels amazing to have things hung on the walls again!

My friend Melanie stopped by the house for a couple glasses of wine. She and my mom were telling all kinds of crazy funny stories. It made my heart incredibly happy to have them both at my house.

Thursday – I went into the office for a half day and Mom worked on cleaning my house. She ended up finding the dryer line to the outside was full of lent (from previous renteres/owners) so she stood on her head to clean it out. (She’s also pretty ingenuitive since she duct-taped straws to the end of my vaccumn cleaner to suck it up instead of spending money to call an industrial cleaner). Apparently we were pretty close to having a house fire…


Post dryer rescue was a tour of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. Mom is an artist (photography and fiber/quilting/sewing) so she loved it! The sculpture garden is also a top-of-the-list KC attraction.




Dinner was at Cooper’s Hawk Winery on the Plaza which has an amazing GF menu!! They have several locations across the country but it was absolutely, hands-down, the best GF menu I’ve ever ordered off of! Dessert was great, as was the Malbec…


Friday – dinner was so good we went back for lunch after picking up my new sewing machine. Then we got down to business – Mom taught me how to make dresses for Haiti (blog post coming soon with instructions).

First Fridays is the first Friday of every month so Mom and I met up with several of my friends for drinks at Snow & Co before walking around looking at art. I really enjoyed her getting to know my friends. I’ve never listened to her opinion of my friends in the past (little bit rebellous) but I am listening this time around…she’s always been right in the past.

Saturday – we got up early, swung thru Starbucks for coffee and made a bee line for the River Market’s City Market Farmer’s Market (how many markets are really needed in a title? haha). We bought flowers, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, tomatoes, spices, garlic, kale, and green beans. I must have made a statement about wanting to learn to can green beans or how much I loved the canned green beans my grandmother used to make because we brought home enough green beans for 10 pint cans worth and 2 quarts for dinner!! It was awesome for Mom to teach me how to can (post coming later on that one too). See picture below of the start of the process.

IMG_2170[1]We shopped in West Bottoms antique dealers since Mom is such a fan of that too. It was a great time and I ended up with a great couple of buys. I can’t tell you what they are yet since I’m giving them as gifts 🙂

Saturday afternoon my friend Lee came over to learn to sew (with a free lesson of how to can green beans) which was a lot of fun! Mom then made chili and cornbread for my roomate, my friend Brad, her and I to eat for dinner. By the time we had cleaned up the kitchen and finished sewing I was completely exhausted! I hope I have as much energy as my mom when I’m her age.

We did can the leftover chili as well (which I’m eating while writing this):


Sunday – we ate breakfast at eggtc and then went to 9am service at Redeemer Fellowship. The preaching was good but the people sitting around us talked too much for my preference which was frusterating. Mom showed me her pictures from all her international travels this summer (Ireland, London, and Norway) before I took her to the airport to fly home.


It was a crazy busy week but I loved it! We’ve already got a list going of what she wants to do the next time she comes 🙂

Mom’s in KC

My Mom has finally made the treck to come visit me! She hasn’t been able to to shake her familial responsibilities to just have a good time with her oldest offspring due to my grandmother’s health, brother’s attitude, and father’s crazy schedule. Short point – she’s the one keeping this family going.

When my grandmother passed away in May, I gave my mom “I owe you” plane tickets to come to KC with the stipulation that I needed enough advanced warning to be able to not travel for work while she was here and that the first weekend of each month was the best weekend to spend in KC each month.


She came yesterday and is here until next Sunday!

I picked her up from the airport around 12:30pm, gave her a tour of my house, went to get gluten-free pizza at Spin! Pizza, gelato at Glace, smelled the roses in loose park, and went to church at Redeemer at 7pm. Pretty busy first half day! Enjoy some pictures below 🙂




Restaurant Week: BRGR Burgers

Tuesday we went to BRGR Burgers for lunch and it was amazing!! BRGR is one of my top 3 favorite restaurants in KC and is definitely in my top 5 favorite places to eat in the world. It’s a gourmet burger joint that gives you a lot of food that all tastes great for a good value.

The lunch special for restaurant week was a soup/salad (I had beer cheese soup which was to die for), hamburger (pretty much anything off their entire menu) with fries or sweet potatoes fries, and dessert (chocolate pie). Not the chocolate pie was not the best but it was more than decent. I was also almost full to the point of being sick by the time the pie landed on the table so that may have had some effect on my judgement of the pie…

The Tex-Az burger is my favorite – it has blue corn chips, queso, jalapeno and an egg bun and beef patty. I ate every crumb of all of that food for lunch. I was so full I was almost falling asleep driving back to the office! But it was so worth it 🙂

Overall – 9 out of 10 (since the chocolate pie was not quite up to par).

Restaurant Week: Captial Grille

I owe you guys several foodie posts so we’ll see how far I get with them today. I’m currently multi-tasking in an all-day internal model review so I may get called back to reality (aka my job) but this is one of my favorite parts of said reviews.

Monday night 8 of us went to Capital Grille which is a steakhouse on the Plaza. My friend Schyler is participating in restaurant week for the sole trip to Capital Grille. Needless to say he’s fed me every statistic and not-so-interesting detail he knows about this restaurant chain so I was expecting a great experience.

Overall, the food was a 9 out of 10. I ate a ceasar salad (one of my favorite foods if you haven’t picked up on that yet), 2 tornedos (two 4 oz portions) with parmesan and herbs/tomatoes, and pineapple sorbet. The pineapple sorbet is one of the best desserts I’ve ever had – it was sweet but amazing (and I’m not a huge pineapple lover in general). The steak was good, not magnificant, but the salad was not good, the lettuce was old and brown.

The service was probably a 4 or 5 out of 10. I think the wait staff managed to drop 16 different items off our table during the 1.5 hours we were there. They were clanky (yes, that’s an adjective) and the waitress actually snored when my friend mispronouced something on the menu! We were also sitting at a round table and they kept reaching over people instead of walking around the table to serve us. The saving grace was that the food was prompt and she only rolled her eyes at us once about splitting the check.

My friends enjoyed the evening but I will not return to spend a $100+ on food with the servers needing that much training. Maybe it’s because I used to work in the food service industry or maybe because I have higher standards when I’m spending more money on food but it’s not worth the repeat…