Somtimes things in life are worth being awake early for.

This was the case Wednesday morning as I found myself on a plane at 6am bound for Houston from Kansas City. As I looked out the window, I found connection with God. The Holy Spirit lives and dwells within us always (after conversion) but sometimes I don’t listen to those feelings. I don’t pay attention. I need God’s help for me to pay attention and when He paints the sky in these remarkable colors, I can’t help but sit up straight and give my full attention to where He is pointing.


It’s only been above freezing in Kansas City the last couple of days which has been a nice change of pace but feeling the mid-70’s on my skin in Houston Wednesday was incredible. My current project in Houston is growing increasingly more challenging by the day. By 4pm I was done. I drove to Spring, to my friend’s house, and decided I was going for a fun. I needed to run.

I felt this way this weekend but a silly shuffle on the ice Thursday night had rendered my right big toe painful so I went to yoga but skipped the running this weekend. I hadn’t run in a long while. This probably contributed to my shorten ability to handle my work situation gracefully. Running was in order.

I laced up my crossfit shoes (since I didn’t bring my running shoes), took some directional advise from a friend, and headed out. It was a glorious 35 minutes and 3.5 miles. I ran mostly off-road (not entirely intensional) and was privy to some gorgeous scenery like the photo above. By the time I returned, I was ready to make some phone calls, dig thru some data, answer some emails, and finish the work I was too scattered to do earlier.

Thank you God for providing me two gorgeous opportunities to feel your closeness yesterday. You love us so much you paint the sky all different colors as a display of your power and ability. You love me so much that you give me eyes to see and a heart to understand that. Thank you. Thank you for my body; my body that runs, slowly, but still runs. Thank you for the lovely weather and the safety I found in those minutes. Please Lord, help my heart to stay that connected and aware of you today, and in all the days to come. Amen.