I’ve been packing a lot into my weeks recently and have been remiss in updating/tracking my life. (I’m such an engineer since I want to track my life but o well – embrace what God gave you!). So here’s the highlights from this past week:

Monday: Bored at work which is rare, very rare in fact. Gospel Community (small group at church) was at different location this week. An all single male group offered to cook for us (all single female group) and it tasted amazing! We had grilled hamburgers, chicken and asparagus with all the fixin’s and the girls brought gluten-free dessert since we (all the girls) eat gluten-free. The boys were sweet to research GF cooking and celiac disease. It was a nice time to talk and meet some new people.

Tuesday: Still bored at work. My friend text me late in the day about having a rough day at his new job (he’s still in orientation which can be painful) so I volunteered to cook spaghetti if he was willing to help out with soccer sports camp at church. We were late but that’s ok – we made it and had a great time! It’s a real testament to God to see 25+ at risk youth from the neighborhood playing with each other and following directions. It also hurts my heart that no one from the Redeemer body sends their kids to camp. It’s more or less free. I pray that we truly reach out as a congregation and embrace our city, not just in words but in actions.


Wednesday: Work is still boring which means next week is going to be a tough one. Soccer camp again after work. It’s neat to have the parent’s and kids start to remember you and want to know your name. The kids I played uno with last week were also there and recognized me. 🙂


Thursday: flew to Houston and back for a couple of meetings. It’s crazy to me that I am in a position with my company less than three years and that I would need to make a physical appearance for a singular day. Most of the time I try to be more efficient and combine meetings but wasn’t able to on this trip. I’ve also hit a point in my life where I want to be at my house. I pay good money to rent here and love to sleep in my own bed so I was willing to leave early and come home late to do so. The meetings were ok – I struggle managing this particular vendor (which is why I had to go in person and not via the telephone) but it was a productive meeting with them.


I was also able to buy antelope hunting clothing. If you’re not sure what that entails, it is all khaki zip-off pants and a fishing shirt. I didn’t find the trail running shoes yet but I’m going back to Texas this week so there’s still time. I love to shop at Academy sports and outdoors. It’s like a cheap Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop but for more mainstream sports. I’ll have to explain how I was gifted with this trip at a later date.

Friday: worked a half day and then took one of my friends out to lunch since she’s moving to Texas. Unfortunately, I introduced her to Spin Pizza on her last full week in town and she loved it. O well, I’ll have to introduce her to some of the amazing places to eat in Houston. It is going to be fun to have someone to go to dinner with in Houston since I’m down there so much. I had my eye examined, took a nap, and got my hair cut Friday afternoon. I wasn’t really planning on the haircut but was sick of my current hair style, which was really a lack of hair style, so I called my hairdresser and she gave me this bob that I’m in love with 🙂


Top the day off with popcorn for dinner and falling asleep to a movie in my bed and it’s a great week!

Saturday: got up early to run 4 miles with a great friend of mine that ended in gluten-free chocolate chip cookies and iced coffee for breakfast. We sat outside at Mud Pie vegan bakery and coffeehouse chatting for a good while before walking the 1.5 miles back home.


I love being able to run to restaurants and coffeehouses (I also love great conversation which Lee is a guarantee for). I then had coffee with my gospel community leader and had my eyebrows waxed.

At 2pm I met two of my coworkers and friends at Cellar Rat for a case taste wine tasting. For $5 you can try 12 wines which you can purchase (mix and match) a case for $100 which ends up being a significant savings. We ate sushi for a super late lunch/early dinner and then went back to buy our case of wine.


I followed drunken, sushi bliss with dress shopping on the plaza for something to wear to the conference I’m going to next week in Florida. Thankfully I had quick success finding a dress on sale and at the first store. My friend met me to grab coffee and help him pick out dress shoes before going to see Despicable Me 2 with a couple other guys. It’s always fun to go see an animated movie but especially with four grown men 🙂


Sunday (today): full of errands and laying around. I made going away bags for the people traveling to Haiti this week and then went to a pool to hang out. Church at 7pm which is always a blessing. I’ll try to post my response on here this week. It was a sermon that hit home with me (which is fairly typical actually) which is always welcome. Now it’s time for bed in anticipation for the week ahead and crossfit at 6am.

Goodnight and God bless.