What is your definition of bliss?

Mines is lounging in a folding chair on a back porch, watching the sun set low and slow through the branches and leaves on the trees in front of me, daintily turning the green leaves to black shapes burning yellow and orange on their edges. I’m drinking a glass of cold, crisp wine in borrowed, but never to be returned, wine glasses, thick and heavy glass with smooth edges, the coming together of masculine and feminine in my hand. The food is cheap and easy but good and satisfying. Hummingbirds makeĀ  their appearance as entertainers – dancing, bowing, squeeking and departing. The company is welcomed, genuine, and interesting, traveling through the vast abiss that is the human condition and how to make positive impacts in the lives of others. Once the sun exits and the moon starts its watch, the converstaion ebbs and flows but doesn’t depart the porch. Suddenly it’s late and the depths of horizontal comfort beckon and I depart for my apartment.

It was an amazing night spent in curious innocence. It was an amazing night spent discussing religion and politics and all things forbidden.