CrossFit: October 12, 2015

It’s my birthday and I still went to CrossFIt at 5am. Definitely struggled to get out of my bed at 4:10am but I made it because I really believe that a half-ass workout is better than sleeping…

Warm-Up: 2000m row – 8:10 which is pretty dang good since I haven’t really rowed like that in over a year. it kinda makes me want to switch my individual program from weight lifting to rowing…

Skill: front squats – 10 reps x 3 sets at 65% (85#) – felt beyond heavy and ended up breaking into sets of 5 (#notmotivating)

WOD: 7min AMRAP of 12-15-9 chest to bar pull-ups (I did ring rows) and hand stand push-ups (I did 15# DB strict presses) – finished 72 reps which means I didn’t make it all the way thru the first round. apparently I need to do strict presses with dumb bells waaayy more often since those were a quick shoulder burn out.


CrossFit: April 14, 2014

Warm-Up: burpee dodgeball

Skill: Pull-Ups – worked on progressing towards kipping pull-ups

WOD: 5 RFT of 5 Jimmy C’s (55#) and 20 show me push-ups – 16:58

Jimmy C – lunge each leg with front rack weight and then split jerk each leg for one rep

This workout was pretty brutal for me since my shoulders are my weakest parts but it felt great to do it! Stronger than Yesterday!!


I promise I’ve been writing. I promise.

I’m just not ready to share the important stuff right now.

I’ve been to Haiti and experienced a true change in world view. This was followed immediately by the death of my grandmother, planning a funeral, fighting with HR, funeral, flying across the country, Mother’s Day, and my brother’s surgery. I’ve been busy and I’ve been tired.


Weary is a much more accurate term. I should be relying on God. What did I learn in Haiti? Am I so quick to forget? Lord, change my heart back to you. Please fill your child with strength.

I’ve spent today taking care of my brother and trying to catch up on my job. All my emails have been answered. My timecard was submitted. I will be getting paid in two Fridays (thank God!). My brother is resting comfortably. God is good!

I go back to my life in KC tomorrow. Back to the grind. Lord, please help me to have patience and focus.


It’s been awhile. It’s funny that being grounded has made me want to do nothing but go to work, come home, watch tv, and go to bed. No blogging. Not really any facebook-ing either. Just blah.

Maybe that feeling is really due to the fact that I haven’t worked out in over a week (and quickly approaching two weeks eek!). Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I really don’t feel good and am still struggling to battle this sinus infection. EIther way, I’m not a fan.

So updates:

  • Work has been crazy busy! 1 project just finished, 1 project is finishing, 1 project starting, 3 projects bidding = lots of work for me!!
  • Small group at church starts on Monday – I’m having mixed emotions about it right now. I’ve worked hard to re-focus my desires in my very personal life and am looking forward to Christ-centered relationships with men. It’s hard to meet men when you’re in an all-girls small group…which just goes to show that I still have some perspective changing to do…
  • I’ve been getting 9+ hours of sleep every night since Friday and it’s amazing (except the still being tired part)
  • My grandfather died 16 years ago today
  • I had a perfect week in our daily trivia game at work last week and I’m tied for 3rd place 🙂
  • My prize for a perfect week in jeopardy was a transformer action figure for my desk – he’s cute!

That’s about it for the randoms right now…



Do you know what Barotrauma is?

I do.


I have barotrauma from flying for work while congested. Last Saturday night was a lot of fun – probably too much fun actually – and I woke up Sunday with the sniffles. I figured it was just allergies and old-age reacting to staying out far past my bedtime the night before.

Tuesday I flew to Houston to meet with a contractor and my ears hurt but they popped. Wednesday morning I spent on the job site with the wind blowing 45 mph and making me sneeze. By Thursday morning I was in full-blown sinus infection mode and on a plane to Corpus Christi to the module yard.

This morning was two flights back to Kansas City. During the middle of the second one, I was sitting in the window seat with tears streaming down my face because my ears were hurting so bad!! I made it into the health center at work and the Doc asked if she could show my ears off to the other nurses at the center because I have a bad, but cool to the average medical professional, case of barotrauma. She was actually impressed that I got it from flying on a plane since most cases are the result of scuba-diving. I wish I had gotten it scuba-diving…

I’ve got an appointment with an ENT Monday afternoon and I’m praying all weekend that my hearing returns to normal. Right now I have reduced hearing and feeling like I’m talking while wearing a goldfish bowl on my head. This also causes an echo in my brain when I talk which gives me a headache. I’ve got antibiotics to help me get thru the weekend. Hopefully getting my sinuses to drain will help my ear drums have more room and all could go back to normal…


Do you know what the strangest feeling ever is?

Not having anything to do and no where to be!

It. Is. Amazing. Stange – but amazing!

It is Sunday morning and I slept in. I did not get up and run. I did not get up and workout. I did not get up and go to work. I just slept. Not too late – 8:30am – but it was nice to wake up without an alarm.

Now I’m just laying around the house. I honestly do not understand how people do this all the time. I would go stir crazy, probably because I’m about to go stir crazy now and it’s only been 4 hours. I’ve cleaned my room, showered, packed for my business trip tomorrow, cooked breakfast, and watched a couple episodes of TV. I’ll go to church later this afternoon/evening with some friends and meet someone for coffee afterwards. It’s going to be an amazing day of just catching my breath and letting my muscles get sore. 🙂


It is hard to trust God.

Hard to trust that he really does know what is best for me. Hard to trust that he will put someone in my life that allows me to not be strong. Hard to trust his timing in keeping my grandmother alive at the cost of my mother living. Hard to trust that he is, in fact, more than enough for me and those I love. Hard to trust that the pain in this world is so we can grow to relying solely on him alone.

When I get to these moments, I must remind myself that I am blessed. I have been blessed by a Savior who died on a cross to stand in the way of the wrath and judgement of God. I have been blessed by knowing and loving incredible people. I have been blessed with easy lessons learned. And I have even been bless by not fully understanding the pain I see and feel for the people I love. If I can be so upset and hurt by their pain, I can not imagine how upset and hurt God must be.

Lord, please mend the broken places in their hearts. Please let them feel your love in these trying times. And please bless them with lightness of heart to laugh and enjoy their blessings this holiday season.


What is your definition of bliss?

Mines is lounging in a folding chair on a back porch, watching the sun set low and slow through the branches and leaves on the trees in front of me, daintily turning the green leaves to black shapes burning yellow and orange on their edges. I’m drinking a glass of cold, crisp wine in borrowed, but never to be returned, wine glasses, thick and heavy glass with smooth edges, the coming together of masculine and feminine in my hand. The food is cheap and easy but good and satisfying. Hummingbirds make  their appearance as entertainers – dancing, bowing, squeeking and departing. The company is welcomed, genuine, and interesting, traveling through the vast abiss that is the human condition and how to make positive impacts in the lives of others. Once the sun exits and the moon starts its watch, the converstaion ebbs and flows but doesn’t depart the porch. Suddenly it’s late and the depths of horizontal comfort beckon and I depart for my apartment.

It was an amazing night spent in curious innocence. It was an amazing night spent discussing religion and politics and all things forbidden.