CrossFit: October 12, 2015

It’s my birthday and I still went to CrossFIt at 5am. Definitely struggled to get out of my bed at 4:10am but I made it because I really believe that a half-ass workout is better than sleeping…

Warm-Up: 2000m row – 8:10 which is pretty dang good since I haven’t really rowed like that in over a year. it kinda makes me want to switch my individual program from weight lifting to rowing…

Skill: front squats – 10 reps x 3 sets at 65% (85#) – felt beyond heavy and ended up breaking into sets of 5 (#notmotivating)

WOD: 7min AMRAP of 12-15-9 chest to bar pull-ups (I did ring rows) and hand stand push-ups (I did 15# DB strict presses) – finished 72 reps which means I didn’t make it all the way thru the first round. apparently I need to do strict presses with dumb bells waaayy more often since those were a quick shoulder burn out.


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