Recipe: Sour Candy Grapes

I found the original recipe here for sour candy grapes via pinterest. Go figure.

I’m a table leader for the membership class at my church (Redeemer Fellowship). It’s a 9 week class that focuses on what the church does and does not believe. People take it with the intent to then write down their faith story, start volunteering at the church, and sit down with one of our pastors to discuss their life. At the end of the process you become a member of the church. It’s pretty lengthy (especially in comparison to other churches I’ve been a member of) but I think it accomplishes a church community that serves each other and is sheperd-ed by our team of Elders.

Each week, the DNA table leaders help facilitate the discussions that take place during class and strive to develop some community. Optionally, they bring the snacks. I had seen this recipe on Pinterest for a long time now but had never tried it. I figured I would let me table be guinea pigs.

They loved them! (and I did too)

I used green grapes, washed them, patted them dry, and rolled them through fruit punch and sugar-free lemon jell-o mixes. After about 4 hours in the refrigerator, they were funny looking but very tasty.

I did have a few leftovers which I froze and ate for dessert the next night. I prefer the frozen ones, personally.

These snacks are perfect if you need a quick fix for an activity or have someone who has severe food allergies. The kids hanging around at church definitely loved them too!!


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