Thursday Night Clams

Warmer weather, Thursday night without any place to be, great wine in the wine rack, and a trip to Costco leads to some experimenting in the kitchen for dinner. I had the windows and doors wide open at my house. Music drifting through the cool evening air. Candles lit. Home alone. Leggings and a tshirt. Barefoot. Bliss.

I stumbled upon The Domestic Man this week and figured I would try out a recipe. I chose his post on Littleneck clams which Costco had last week. Living in the midwest means good seafood is rare. I really don’t eat seafood at restaurants around town because usually doesn’t taste so good. Yes, I am one of those snotty people who can taste the difference in seafood that has been previously frozen. I still eat it. I just don’t want to pay to eat it at a restaurant. Costco had littleneck clams flown in that morning from Boston. I was in for trying.


The recipe is so easy and I didn’t make any modifications.

Warning: I sliced my finger open on one of the clams since I wasn’t paying attention while I was washing them. I was paying attention after that, of course! It didn’t dampen how good the recipe is 🙂

I used a bottle of Ruffino pinot grigio that I had picked up several months ago at a wine tasting at Cellar Rat. The recipe also tasted so good that I ate all the clams myself while drinking the rest of the bottle of wine which watching the CrossFit Open 14.3 announcement. I rounded out the evening by watching the new episode of Scandal at a friend’s house.


It was a perfect Thursday evening.


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