You don’t get trophies like this at a Daddy-Daughter Dance

This is Toad. He’s the antelope that I killed while hunting with my Dad last August. And he’s gorgeous!

Our family friend, whom we went antelope hunting with, and my Dad gifted him to me for Christmas in 2012. The whole experience was incredible! I never imagined I would get to go hunting with my Dad, much less get to shoot something, much less actually hit it, much less have it processed and stuffed to hang on the wall.

Antelope hunting was my Dad’s bucket list moment and I had the distinct honor of witnessing it first hand. When he put it on his bucket list at age 8, he never imagined he would experience it with his daughter either. I wouldn’t trade those three days in the middle of no where New Mexico with him for anything. These moments will be the moments I cling to when something happens to him.

My Dad and I never went to a Daddy-Daughter dance when I was growing up. I don’t really remember there being an option for us to do that and he worked really hard when I was little. Constant travel and papers to grade (he’s a college professor) meant I remember lots of time of him working at our dining room table in the evenings and running in at the last minute to my performances. We went to some concerts together (driving to Waco from Austin to see Pat Green and Keith Urban being one of the most memorable), watched UT women’s basketball games, and went to Bible Study together growing up.

We have a good relationship. He’s my sounding board, mentor for work, and protector. We just never really went dancing. Apparently daddy-daughter dances are big in the midwest/Kansas City because I’ve seen lots of them advertised around and lots of pictures of dad’s with their kids. It’s cute. Just not something I got to participate in as a child. Apparently they also give out trophies for be costume and dancing ability. I’d rather have this trophy!

Last week, I received a physical reminder of how lucky I am to have such an amazing father figure in my life. I managed to hang Toad all by myself in my bedroom (with a stud finder and drill) so I can wake up each day with this reminder on the wall. It’s also in my bedroom because my roomie may not have been as thrilled with our newest addition to the house as I am and she may or may not have thought he was giving her the eye in the living room. Either way, I’m happy that Toad found his place on my wall since the hunt already has a place in my heart 🙂

Thanks Dad! I love you!


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