I was sitting on an airplane that was taking off at 7:10pm Thursday night trying to stream the CrossFit Open announcement. I kept squinting at the blurry objects moving on my screen and for the first time in my life I wanted my flight to take off ten minutes late.

I made it to hear the workout announced before I was ripped from connectivity for two hours. I spent two hours thinking I was never going to be able to do a chest to bar pull-up and that overhead squats make me nervous with my shoulder. About the time we were landing back in Kansas City, I realized that if I didn’t think I could do it, then I was already telling God and the rest of the world that it wasn’t possible. By the time I was walking off the plane, I resolved to have the best 10 reps of 65# overhead squats I had ever done and to spend the rest of the time at least jumping at the pull up bar.

14.2: 3 minutes to complete two rounds of 10 reps overhead squats (65# women), and chest to bar pull-ups. If you finish that, you get another 3 minutes to do two rounds of 12 reps each. Each round goes up by 2 until you can’t finish.

This is a workout I will try again several times in my crossfit journey I’m sure. My 10 reps looked pretty amazing but I hope to be able to do chest to bar pull-ups within the next year or two. It would probably help to be able to do a regular pull-up before reaching for the chest to bar status. 🙂

I’m excited for 14.3!!


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