10 minutes. 30 DU’s then 15 snatches (55#) and repeat.

I was terrified. I walked into the box about 15 minutes before I was going to compete and I was still terrified. I didn’t want all these people watching me and counting my reps. Most people love having others cheering them on. They thrive on it. But I really just want to blend into the background and do my workout.

The Open is no such a place.

I ran a 5k this morning to raise money for Haiti. I finished in 30:09 (which is right at my PR). It was 18 degrees outside but my friends Lisa and Nina and I had a great time! The theme was PJ’s so there were people in all different kinds of bed-wear and even some wearing curlers in their hair to run. We had PJ pants on but that was it. This is the first 5k in a series of two. The next one is May 17th, stay tuned.

So after running the 5k, I dropped my friends off, changed my shorts, and went over to the crossfit box. After a quick stretch session with some PVC, it was my turn.

10 minutes later I had completed 135 reps.

The DU’s killed me. Really it was the 5k that had left my legs completely helpless with 4 minutes left. My arms felt the brunt of it since they now look like I was whipping my forearms all afternoon. I’m definitely going to have to wear long-sleeves to the office on Monday.


I was pleased to find upon entering the box that power cleans with a jerk were acceptable since I was not going to make it thru 15 snatches. My shoulder just isn’t up for that yet. I actually felt liked I moved the bar pretty quickly. Stupid double unders…

I am excited to hear what the next four CrossFit Open workouts are. Having people cheering and watching was really not that bad. I’ll probably have fun with it next week. Plus, no more 5k’s (or any other working out) prior to Open workouts.


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