CrossFit: February 28, 2014

Teamwork. Ugh. I have to work in teams at the office and I don’t want to do it at CrossFit.

That was my attitude when I walked in. When I walked out, I decided I love working out in teams. My partner made we work harder/quicker/heavier than I otherwise would have 🙂

Warm-Up: 300m row (x2), 10 hypers, 10 supermans, 2 shuttle runs

Skill: Partner G-to-OH (power cleans to push press) at 65#. 3 reps each alternative for 3min, rest 1min, 3min. We completed 30 reps during the first round and 36 during the second 🙂

WOD: Back to Elementary school – 100 reps of partner WB (12#), partner leg throws, box over jumps (20″), and push-ups. In 17min we made it through all the wall balls and box over jumps, 75 each leg throws, and 30 push-ups (15 each). If we had had another 3 minutes I think we could have finished 🙂

Super excited for the open workout tomorrow but more on that later 🙂


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