4 Months and Counting…

Four months from today I will on my way to Haiti (God willing)!

My next trip back to the country I love is June 18-23rd. Please check out our website if you would like to go with us!! It will have been 8 months since I’ve been there and I am beyond excited about seeing the kids again. My heart soared when they recognized me the last time our bus pulled into their yard. I can’t imagine how it is going to feel this time.

I just officially registered to go this morning which means the fundraising starts in full swing! You can help me go to Haiti by praying and/or donating here.

This trip will be different for me because I’m leading it (eep!). I am honored and excited by this opportunity and a little nervous. That nervousness is my desire to control the situation and doubt that God is enough. He is enough. All the time He is enough. Haiti is such a clear whiteboard for God to teach me things. I sit up straight and listen when it comes to Haiti. I pray this could be my reaction and life stlye in the States too.

Since God is enough, He will provide people to go on the trip with me. Right now, it’s just me. I am praying that a dozen people want to live and breathe and see and smell Haiti with me. It is such an amazing country and people. I pray Lord, please provide a group of people from Kansas City that love you so much they want to demonstrate that to children who don’t have earthly parents, to children who call out “Abba, Father” only to you. Please burden your people’s hearts in Kansas City to want to go and love your people of Haiti.


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