CrossFit: February 18, 2014

Warm-Up: 3 rounds of 300m row, 10 pointers, 10 supermans, 50m (x2) suicide runs

Skill: Kettlebell Snatch with Kettlebell Warm-Up (10 KB swings, 10 single arm KB swings, 3 low/med/high KB squats each side at 20#)

WOD: 1 RFT of 50 KB Swings (20#), 50 weighted situps (20#), 40 single arm KB snatches (20#), 40 hollow rocks, 30 pistols (alternating on a box), 30 medball pikes (8# med ball), 20 pull-ups (rings for me), and 20 frong leg sit-ups – 20:32!!

I actually love workouts that are this mental. It’s mentally challenging to look at the board and see this kind of volume but I love it. My weights are a little lower than I wish they were but I love just cranking for 20+ minutes in a workout. I feel so accomplished when I’m done. God truly has given me an amazing body that’s getting stronger every day!!


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