CrossFit: February 10 aka Marvelous Monday

This was the CrossFit Workout this morning 🙂

For me, the back squat series was at 85, 105, 130, 140 which is pretty awesome since my one rep max is 155# 🙂

WOD: 65# SDLHP, 15# plate for the lunges, and I managed to throw 20 DU in a row for one of the rounds. Definitely have a few whip-lash marks on my right forearm from trying that several more times but that’s why I’m wearing long sleeves in the office today – 17:09 for the WOD time. Last one to finish but I don’t care. The reps are giving lots of joy 🙂

CrossFit Matters

Main – CrossFit


Old School WU (No Measure)

x1 D/B Lunge Pass Thru/Around the World
x1 D/B High Kicks
x1 D/B High Knees
x1 D/B Butt Kicks
x2 D/B Karaoke
x2 D/B Side Shuffle
x2 D/B Skip
x2 D/B Sprint and Back Pedal
x25 Jumping Jacks
x25 Air SQ


Back Squat

Record your set of x4@90%


Make sure you warm up to your first set at 65%


Metcon (Time)

x50 Pike Buy In 🙂

x10 SDLHP (95/135)
x10 OH Lunge (25/45 plate)
x50 DU

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