Review: Imperial Foot Care

I’ve never had a massage before and I’ve never written a review of a place or service on here before so let’s start both today.

Last night I went to Imperial Foot Care in Westport for a hour long massage. Several ladies in my crossfit class Friday morning had been discussing it and highly recommended this establishment. It’s a fantastic deal (at $30 for a hour) and is within 3 miles of my house which is a huge bonus so I figured it was worth the shot.

Now it may sound lame to go get a massage by yourself on a Friday night, but with my renewed focus on crossfit that resulted in 3 visits this week, my body was sore and in need of some TLC. I called and made an appointment (which is no necessary, drop-ins are welcome) for 6pm.

They have free valet service (just mention that you’re with imperial foot care when you drop your car off) which made me feel like royalty. I never pay for someone to park my car and work doesn’t reimburse that so my experiences with valet is limited. It’s one of those life perks that will always be a perk and it made me feel like I was really treating myself even though it was included in the experience.

When you walk in, the room is dark and quiet with soft music playing in the background. There are 12 or so massage chairs/lounges all facing away from the door with people being serviced. The nice lady at the front will lead you to a station and then a masseuse will start your massage.

I opted for the hour long treatment but they have several options. The hour long session includes a 15 minute foot soak while your head, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands are worked on followed by 30 minutes of foot and leg massage, and a final 15 minutes of massage while laying on your stomach. I have several really tight spots and several spots that I struggle with knots. He hit all of them! There were a couple of times I was surprised by something being sore.

I’ve consumed a large amount of water since last night and have stretched several times but I’m pretty sore. It’s the good kind of sore where you’re building muscles and healing places. I definitely had the soundest sleep I’ve had in quite awhile last night when I was done. They are open from 10am to midnight seven days a week which means this could be a great option for me to stop at on my way home from the airport during the week. I can see a new habit forming…

Overall, I give Imperial Foot Care two thumbs up and would recommend it to anyone in the Kansas City area looking for a relaxing massage experience.


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