The Thanksgiving Holiday is different for me every year, mostly because I am rarely with the same people or in the same place as previous years. My parents have always opened their home to anyone who didn’t have anywhere else to be for Thanksgiving which brough some great memories including Korean graduate students or fraternity brothers or even sometimes family.


I think this open invitation is due to my parents struggling through graduate school (both of them) with a 6 month old infant and vowing to make the path for those behind them easier (my Dad still chooses to teach classes on the college level) but it’s also because their only daughter rarely comes home for the feast because she typically has football tickets. Some years my parents have gotten smart and gone to the football game with me or traveled to have Thanksgiving close to the stadium so I would attend.

This Thanksgiving was a little bit different. It was different because for the first time since I went to college, I was a little sad to not be at my parent’s table. It was the first Thanksgiving without my grandmothers. It was the first Thanksgiving where the football wasn’t on Thursday (it was Saturday). It was the first Thanksgiving I had to work both Wednesday and Friday. It was the first Thanksgiving where I was completely alone in my house on Thanksgiving Night.

I think it’s healthy to want to be with family. I had a great Thanksgiving! Separation has created a longing to be home for Christmas that I haven’t had in the past. Typically my travel over the river and thru the woods is trying on a good year but this year I won’t care. I’m ready to go home for Christmas!

So what did I do for Thanksgiving this year?

I ran a 5k with my friend and her family and boyfriend which I PR’ed 🙂



Then it was off to my friend Brad’s Parent’s house to have Thanksgiving lunch with them, his sister and her boyfriend, and their cousin. It was traditional food and super yummy!

Than back to Lee’s house to help cook Thanksgiving dinner and eat with the 5k crew. We packed up and went over to the club level of the hotel her parents were staying in to watch the lighting of the Plaza which officially kicks off Christmas in KC and was also on my KC Bucket List. 🙂 It was even better that we didn’t have to be outside in the cold with thousands of people!

After cleaning the dishes, Lee and her Mom and I went shopping at Kohl’s and Michaels. The lines were two hours long in Kohl’s to checkout but we ended up with some great loot including my presents for Affordable Christmas and the last (almost) of my Christmas gifts for friends and family!!

It was a long day but one I am emensely thankful for. Friends are chosen Family and I had two great families that adopted me for Thanksgiving. (By the way, my parents had 12 at their house for Thanksgiving this year including my brother’s girlfriend, and two care givers of my grandmother and their family members. Everyone said it was drama free and delicious, exactly how Thanksgiving should be!)


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