It’s Veterans Day. Such an inadequate representation of my gratitude for those who have served my country. My office isn’t even closed today. My life would not exist the way it does if not for the service of thousands of people I’ve never met. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of visiting my best friend at Fort Lewis for the weekend, or maybe it’s the army blood in the family tree, but either way, I wish we supported our troops more than we do. I wish people stopped everyday and shook military personnel’s hands and said thank you. America would be such a better place.

Choosing the military lifestyle is hard. It’s misunderstood. It’s a lack of control. A selling yourself to a cause that’s bigger than yourself. It’s one choice that decides the rest of you life – including the length of it in some cases. It takes a strength not given to everyone. It is selfless and selfish at the same time.

Yes, there are those who enlist to “escape” trouble. there are those who tarnish the work of others. there are those who don’t pull their weight. but the American military is a way of life. and not an easy one at that. This is not the short cut to happiness.

Marrying the military is the same kind of choice but it doesn’t come with a national holiday. Military spouses are the backbone of our society. They handle everything while their spouse is away. They put up with 4am PT, with 20 hour days, with moving every time you get all the boxes unpacked, with raising children by themselves, with missing kisses goodnight and good mornings, with not knowing when they will see their loved one again, with putting their bodies back together when they get home and dealing with the stress and mental strain of service. Thank you. I hope someone is hugging you every day of your life for marrying the military. This life is not possible without you.

Thank you.

Thank you so much.

Thank you more than I can hope to express in a lifetime.


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