CrossFit: October 28, 2013

Datgumit. I dislocated my ribs (again) during warm-up. Didn’t even make it to the good stuff. Felt my shoulder go while doing some slam balls. The rest of crossfit was spent stretching, trying not to cry, and rowing. It was a good exercise in proper rowing form and I even managed to shave 25 seconds off my 500m split time over the course of 11 minutes at the rower but it was not how I wanted to spend my morning.

Everyone else worked on clean and jerks, push press, ring dips, and kettle bell swings. Maybe next week.

I can’t turn my head to the left or reach down to pick something up off the floor without excruciating pain in my neck and left shoulder. I should be making an appointment with my chiropractor but I’m waiting for jury duty. Nothing like sitting in a chair in a crowded room in pain.

But this is for a purpose.

It has to be.

God uses everything to His benefit. Including suffering. Jesus promises us a better life – not one with pain and suffering for He suffered the ultimate load so that I (we) do not have to as believers – but He does not promise us this life on earth at this very instant. He promises us this when we join the heavenly chorus. I have to remember this during the burning sensation I feel every time I absent-mindedly flick my head to move my hair out of my face and lose feeling in my left hand.


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