I am so ready.

I am so ready to go to Haiti tomorrow!

And in actuality, I am not ready to go to Haiti. I did the bulk of my packing last night but as I laid snuggled under the covers in my comfy bed this morning, I was making a list of all the “to-do’s” I still have to be able to be “prepared” to get on the plane in the morning destined for another trip that will change my life.

I am so silly. so stupid.

I’ve had everything I need for 2000 years. before I was born. before I sinned. God was prepared for the type of person I would be. A sinner.

Jesus died on the cross to cover me with blood. to cover the people of Haiti with blood. Why do I feel the need to prepare to go to them? Lord please forgive my unbelief for it is unbelief in your glory and power when I feel like I can do it. Please help me to understand that it is You speaking and doing and loving these children. that I am simply a vessel being used by the potter to present Your amazing gift.

I am so unworthly. and at the same time, God has chosen me. He picked me. He loves me. and I am couldn’t be more excited for this journey! It’s a honor to feel true joy given as a blessing thru Christ. God is answering the prayers of the people of Haiti and He is always answering mine. Thanks be to God, I get to go to Haiti in the morning!

I am ready.


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