Sunday Funday – September 8, 2013


Kim (in the middle) is one of the reasons I’m in as good of shape as I am today. She decided in her mid-50’s that she was going to train for and compete in a power lifting competition. She lost a tremendous amount of weight, went thru a divorce, and switched from being a teacher of children to a full-time personal trainer! She is such an inspiration to me that I get my butt out of bed on Sunday morning every Sunday I’m in town and go run stairs with her at one of the local high schools!! You can read more about Kim on her website.

This Sunday was pretty brutal due to the humidity, trash on the stands from Friday night’s football game, and alcoholic beverage consumption of Saturday night but we did it! I ran 3,342 stairs and one mile in about 45 minutes. We almost always take a picture afterwards to document who decided to be crazy enough to show up 🙂

After Sunday Funday, I went to yoga at Lululemon in the Plaza. They do free yoga classes once a week at almost all of their locations nation-wide. The instructor changes each week so it’s always a different experience. I have to admit, I like the instructor from two weeks ago better but I think it’s because my shoulder can’t do everything from this week and I was already exhausted from all the stairs so maybe I was just feeling whiny.


I’ve had several people ask me how I can be Christian and go to yoga each week? My answer – God. Yoga helps direct your breathing, movements, and thought processes to God. I pray for the entire hour that I do it. Moving your body (the one God gave you) while you are praying is an act of worshipping Him. Yoga strengthens my little muscles just like God strengthens the little muscles of my mind and being. Yes, it can be very easy to start worshipping some made-up god from the ancient yoga-doing religious sects, but this is the same struggle we face as we decide what music to listen to, or what job to take. You have to ask God to help you focus your heart on Him. Yoga is a public community that helps people focus. For me, that focus is 100% on God.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Funday – September 8, 2013

  1. I really like your focus on God. I’ve been trying to incorporate prayer into (before/after) crossfit. As well as reading more of my women’s bible before bed rather than watching TV. What you put your “spare” time into is quite important. Right?

    Keep it up!

    • Absolutely!

      My pastor at church tells us all the time that we are constantly worshipping (that’s how God made us to be as humans) so we are either worshipping God, or worshipping a made-up god. I pray often for God to focus my heart back on Him in all that I am doing so I can be an obiedient worshipper.

      Keep working hard and thanks for reading 🙂

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