I wrote a post awhile back about going to Haiti again. I want to go. God has started growing a love in my heart for the children of that country that can only be explained thru His existence and control. I signed up to go on the trip and didn’t have a way to pay. I figured that if God wants me to go, he’ll give me the means to pay for it so I opened up a credit card and charged my plane tickets. (Nothing like a little pressure and timeline for God to respond).

God is the ultimate provider. I went on a float trip two weekends ago and admittedly didn’t want to go when I got in the car Friday afternoon to drive the three hours there. It was a mixed group of people from work and church so I was nervous about everyone having a good time and getting along. I prayed that God would bless my time at the river for His glory because I was having a really bad attitude about it.

The crazy part? God not only blessed my time there, provided everyone with a great time, but He also paved my way to Haiti and strengthened my faith in Him!! O how I question and God answers. I wonder if Jesus ever rolled his eyes at his disciples because God had every reason to roll His eyes at my doubts and questions from that weekend!

One of the girls (I say girls because ladies or women sound too old for all of us 23-35 year olds) from church was talking to me while floating down the river. We started talking about Haiti, which I don’t remember how we even got on that topic in the first place but God interjects that topic in my life on a regular basis, and she volunteered to pay for $500 worth of my trip. I literally sat there and couldn’t even respond. I remember thinking “say thank you!!” But I had no words. When my brain started processing, I stammered thank you and asked her if she really wanted to do that since that was a lot of money. (Why was I questioning this? She was going to pay for close to half of my trip and I was giving her an out?!?). She told me she was going to do it if she could get a tax write off. Thanks be to God!

I cried on Monday evening when she text me a copy of her donation confirmation. There were no words but gratefullness! Praise be to God for people like Ashleigh!! She also told me that her company was going to do a partial match for another $250. Again, I sat in complete disbelief at how generous people I know are and how much God provides, even when I doubt, maybe even especially when I doubt.

My total cost to go to Haiti is $1386 for plane tickets and my trip fees. Right now, I’ve received $760 which means I still need some help ($616 worth). If you need a tax deduction, please donate thru the Haiti orphan project website – make sure you out my name in the description line. I have to pay my credit card so I would prefer (at this point) for you to send me a check. You can mail them to me at my work (9400 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64114) or let me know when we can meet up.


Jesus Loves Me (in Creole)

If you would prefer to change a child’s life instead of sponsoring me, please read my tuition for transformation post and my how-to help Haiti post and go to this website to donate. $20 per month is such a small amount to make such a huge difference!


One thought on “Money.

  1. Wow, so cool! I’ve prayed for Haiti a lot since the big earthquake.

    You should take a look at my work and let me know if there’s a way we could partner together. I make videos for non-profits and missions!

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