Wisdom is knowledge applied correctly

The sermon this week was over Job, technically Job 1:1-22 but Kevin did a pretty good job covering the whole book.

There were several “unusual” aspects of the sermon this week – Kevin apologized at the beginning for being too passionate, Kevin lied at the beginning of his story, and I left with more questions than answers. All of these unusuals are good things for my understanding and relationship with God. My questions are below, listen to the sermon and let me know your thoughts…

  • Is suffering anything but not having the answers? Or not having perspective?
  • What do you do when you don’t have the answers?
  • How do we encounter God in the midst of our suffering? You need a relational encounter with the God of the universe.
  • What view of God shapes how you fill in the blanks?
  • We think that knowing “why” is sufficient but we need God. Job asks “why” and is answered by “who.”
  • How do you trust God in the midst of suffering? By celebrating community and rejoicing that in the fact that Jesus saves.
  • At the end of the day all you have is God – is that sufficient for you?

I have so much to learn about God. Some of it He will reveal to me and some He will wait until we get to heaven. I do know that God uses suffering for the good of His Kingdom. Always. Every time. You can count on it. You can believe in it.


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