Zoo Times

Visiting the Kansas City Zoo is on my KC Bucket List so a group of us went a couple weeks ago and had a blast! Original plan was to take picnic lunches (because you can bring your own food inside) and go exploring for a couple of hours but what actually happened was hungry, sunburnt  adults who spent 7 hours at the zoo. 🙂



The Kansas City Zoo is cheaper for people that live in Jackson and Clay counties which means my house saved me some money. It was a random group that ended up going but from left to right above – Brad Knipp, Andy Lochner, Lee Hewitt, Me, Ben Thowe, and Alli



zoo 2

Lions are one of my favorite parts and this one was completely asleep.

zoo 4

Most beautiful animal in the zoo 🙂


zoo 5

There was this bridge in the zoo that swayed incredibly. Being an engineer, I knew that it was structurally find to do that but my equilibrium didn’t agree. 🙂

zoo 3

I love elephants too 🙂

zoo 1

This animal was pretty cool but I was making a face about the couple that was making out directly above it – I mean, come on, don’t drip your saliva on the poor creature, he’s trying to sleep.


I ended up getting sunburned but we saw every. single. animal in the zoo! I figured I wouldn’t be back to the KC Zoo for a long time so I was going to get my $5 worth 🙂


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