CrossFit: July 19. 2013

Warm-Up: 400m run, 30 hollow points, 20 superman, 30 sec static hold

Skill: pendelay row which I don’t think I’ve ever done before – 55# for 5 x 5 (and I’m sore now(

WOD: 10 to 1 double burpees and weighted lunges (25$)

Double burpee: two push=ups and one jump

The WOD actually called for man-makers which sent me running back to the chiropractor the last time I did them so I modified. Double burpees definitely still kicked my butt (literally!). There was a 20 min time cap this morning which meant I finished thru the 4 rep set. For those of you who love math, go figure out how many reps I did (49 lunges each leg, 49 burpees with 98 push-ups!!)!!

Tomorrow is an attempted long-run so we’ll see how sore I am. 🙂


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