How To Help Haiti

I’ve been a little overwhelmed today by the stats on this blog! I’m used to writing to about 20 or so “faithful” readers that put up with my crossfit progress, re-blogs of articles, sermon responses, and general ramblings. Today – 500+ views. I can only pray that God has moved the hearts of people reading my tuition for transformation post to help because 500+ views has moved my heart.

Several questions and emails have come up that I’d like to address real quick:

If you want to financially help send me to Haiti in October, please donate here. You need to put my name (Stacey Gibson) in the description/comment line and all amounts are more than appreciated! You’ll have to use the single donation option (unless you want to contribute monthly).

If my trip costs get fully funded (because God is that good to provide!) than I will be able to transfer the extra donations to someone else who is trying to go on the trip. I know of a couple people who will not be able to go on the trip if they do not receive enough sponsorships. If you would rather donate to a general cause, please put “Redeemer October 2013 Trip” in the description line so the funds get applied to our trip.

The Haiti Orphan Project is a tax deductible group – please see their donations FAQ page for more information.

If you would rather donate airplane miles – we are flying American Airlines and my AAdvantage number is 63LKB80 and you can transfer miles on the American Airlines website. If I receive too many miles, I’ll transfer them to cover travel costs within the group traveling in October.

If you’re more of a physical gift person, I’m collecting toys, arts and crafts supplies, balls of all varieties, legos, bubbles, dress up outfits, etc. to take to Haiti. There is another group from Redeemer leaving at the end of July that will also be taking toys. You can message me for an address to mail them to or contact me to figure out a time and place I can pick them up from you (in the Kansas City Missouri area).


I ask that you pray for me, Haiti, and God’s will in this world regardless of your ability or desire to help out financially.


It’s been humbling today to feel the outpouring of help, God’s working hand, and eyeballs reading all my thoughts on here but I thank you (and God) for the opportunity. You always hear about 6 degrees of separation and spheres of influence but I never dreamed that mine reached any kind of this far. Thank you for spreading the word of Haiti. Thank you for your support, even if that is simply reading these two blog posts. Thank you for praying for Haiti.

I’m going to continue posting about my daily life, my blessings, my workouts, favorite quotes, and of course – Haiti. I pray that I can use my new-found knowledge of how many people I impact in my daily life to be a positive influence. Please let me know if you have other questions or comments.

God Bless.



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