Jesus shows us a straight path directly to a heavenly seat with God. The path is clearly defined thru the Bible. Jesus doesn’t falter, waiver, or change direction. He simply walks and leads us to God.

My journey to the Father is more like a meandering path thru a field. I see the path Jesus lays down in front of me and sometimes I manage to get one (or both) feet on that path but more often I find myself vering in one direction, correcting my trajectory, overshooting the path as I try to correct myself, and then vering in the other direction again.

I am the kid that has one foot on the curb and one on the road and is hopping back and forth. Unlike my grandfather telling me that I’m being cute, or my mom telling me to take the high road, Jesus just continues to show me how to walk where He would have me walk. When I don’t follow, Jesus is still there showing me.

Let this set you free. Let this change the way you live your life. Let the understanding that Jesus will never forsake you, never stop showing you the way to the Father, never stop loving you, give you a path to walk in your life. Understand that all your meandering does not dissuade the Father from seeing you as perfect because Jesus is carrying all your sin. Believe that God uses all your steps for His glory and power.


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