God’s faithfulness is flawless.

God’s faithfulness is flawless.

This has been my quote for thought for the week and a perfect one (once again) for what’s going on in my life.

I went to coffee with a friend of mine on Tuesday (you can read her blog here). This is significant for various reasons, the first being my poor track record with going to coffee with people I care about. The last three times I’ve gone to coffee, it’s ended relationships with cherished individuals and shattered my relationship with God. That sounds dramatic but it’s exactly what’s happened. I was a little apprehensive about going to get coffee on Tuesday but had prayed to God that He would show me what He wanted me to in those moments at the coffee shop. and He did! I really shouldn’t be surprised. He is God and His faithfulness is flawless but I never ceased to be amazed by it.

Monday night was GC and it was at my house. Work was stressful so I had skipped out on the last hour of the day to go running in the glorious weather which made me late to GC and it was at my house! We settled into a discussion about idols. I could feel my heart start racing. I’ve had some huge, ugly idols in my life. Again, God placed exactly the right person in my life in the exact right moment. One of the other girls is struggling with self-image/body issues and I have struggled with that for years. I’ve been in a good place about it recently (with God’s help) but was struggling to understand why God would let me have and struggle with a disease that fluctuates weight and image so much. Answer: so that I could talk to this individual about it. My struggles are not about me – they are about God and His faithfulness. God’s faithfulness is flawless.

I was laying in the dentist chair for 3+ hours Tuesday morning for a procedure that results from my thyroid disease and I was so anxious my heart was skipping beats. I remembered that God is faithful and asked that He would calm down my heart and that whatever happened, it was in His hands and not mine and that I was thankful. My heart quit skipping and the dentist was able to get the medicine to work so that I didn’t feel anything. God’s faithfulness is flawless. He is with me always.

I’ve been desiring and attempting to make deeper relationships with people in Kansas City (since I’ve been here almost 2 years! yikes!!). One of the people I want to have a closer relationship with has proven to challenge me and my intentions. God is calling me to be friends with them, not a girlfriend but a friend. That sounds “churchy” but I truly believe God is trying to change my heart and I am resisting. In His faithfulness, God gave me an opportunity to reach out to this person yesterday after the 4th of July festivities and reach into his life. I don’t know if what I had to say will change his actions. I don’t know if what I had to say will encourage him today or next week or next month but I’m thankful to God for providing me the opportunity.

When we ask of God out of faithfulness and belief, God answers. God has answered me this week in ways I could have never imagined before. I am thankful I have a God that is so powerful and justly sovereign that He can impress me everyday.

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.”

-Matthew 7:7


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