Ugh Gluten…

I’ve been eliminating my gluten intake for the past week in an attempt to prove to myself that I am in fact not allergic to it. I am thankful God has a sense of humor.

Not eating gluten has been coupled with not eating foods high in sugar (sweets/desserts but I can have fruit which has lots of sugar) as well as trying to focus on making everything whole/natural.

I’ve lost 7 pounds in a week.

Some of this weight is water weight and will probably return but it’s incredible! It’s all coming off from my stomach and chin which are the two places I don’t like having it the most. I think I’ve been thru the worst part of it now because the headaches and wanting to passout sensations have passed.

I was also able to go eat fajitas with a good friend in Houston tonight and actually enjoy them all night. Typically, I get really bloated and want to go to sleep immediately after eating but tonight I’m fine (all buttons still buttoned) and I’m awake (enought to be writing this anyway).

I only “cheated” once. You can’t even really call it cheating since I wasn’t committed long term to these nutritional choices for the last week but let’s not get technical…I drank a raspberry beer while at a fundraising/happy hour/meeting with the VP after work on Monday evening. My stomach responded accordiningly and I have to admit, it wasn’t really worth it.

I’m not going to be as careful as my mom and brother about gluten contamination at this point but I am going to stick to not knowingly consuming it. It’s been great to see some progress in the gym and in my figure this week 🙂


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