Haiti Here We Come!

May 1, 2013

Why am I awake at 4am? I’m going to Haiti to hug babies.

I made this leap of faith to answer the call God gave me. I questioned and bargained and told God to make this easy for me to go and He did. So I am awake at 4am to embark on life change.



These are a group of ladies that I had barely met before leaving the country with them but God provides exactly who you need in your life when you need them. They made fun of me in the airport for eating leftover pizza but assured me I was “gangster.” They pushed me towards a better relationship with God. They showed me different perspectives on the situations we found ourselves in. And we have become friends.



The accommodations in Port Au Prince reminded me of my time working for Kiewit. In fact, out accommodations in Gonaives were significantly nicer than hotels I was paid to stay in. God provides simple demonstrations of his power and beautiful creation. Our first morning was no exception.

We rode 3 hours in a van to Gonaives and went to see the children of Village de Vie that afternoon. Until this point, Haiti had reminded me of the backwoods of Georgia crossed with some poorer sections of Houston. The village that surrounds the orphanage is comprised of tin sheet metal, old billboard covers, young children with little or no clothes, and intense joy at our hand waving.

One of the ladies commented that it was like we were Princess Diana coming to see the village and she wasn’t far off. The children would run after us to see if we had anything to give them.

We made it to the orphanage and spent the afternoon with the kids. We taught them the story about Jesus feeding the 5,000 and helped them make necklaces to remember.



I was terrified of what I was supposed to do with the kids once the structured part of the afternoon was over. We didn’t speak a common language. I didn’t know how to play a game with them or tell them a story. I don’t have a good singing voice. But God provides.

The children just wanted to be around people. They needed to be loved. They wanted to introduce themselves to us in English and figure out how to speak our names. They wanted to give us tours and show us how to play slapping hand games.


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