Sans Sugar

My trip to Haiti has impacted my world view and I’m thankful to God for that. But I am even more thankful for all the thoughts and questions that have arisen since I’ve been back as a result of traveling to Haiti. Most of them have very little to do with that island in fact.

One of these thoughts started with Jami ( while in Haiti. She mentioned that she gave up sugar for Lent and it boosted her energy level. The interesting part to me what that she called it a heart issue. I had never thought of what I ate being a heart issue but it is. She needs God’s help to eat what she should and she was originally afraid of trying to cut it out.

So – here goes!

Today was Day 1 without sugar for me too.

I have thyroid disease and go thru seasons of struggle with it. I was doing pretty good but around the first of the year I started gaining weight again (typical first symptom). Now I’m consistently tired and my hair is falling out again. I know my thyroid is the root problem but I’m hoping that if I cut out the sugar then my body will adjust to my thyroid a little better too.

I’ve prayed to God for healing but that’s not in His plan right now. I need my thyroid to remind me to rely on Him. Without Him, I’m not going to be able to get out of the bed in the morning and go about my day (and there are definitely days even with Him that I can’t get out of bed).

God please show me the next step in my treatment.

I’m in a routine of going to my endocrinologist every 2.5 to 3 weeks for shots of hormones and B vitamins which helps for awhile. My daily thyroid medication hasn’t changed since December of 2010. I love my doctor but I’m getting frustrated not having control. This frustration is my biggest need of change from God. I don’t rely on Him to control things when I should.

My mom and I had an emotional conversation about this while I was home this weekend. She and my dad have offered to help pay for my thyroid treatments (right now I pay full price for everything because my doctor doesn’t take insurance). My mom also asked what I want to do about it all. I want to find the root problem. If it is my thyroid, I want it removed. Thyroid surgery is tricky and has a long recovery time.

Lord, please show me the next step in my treatment.

In addition to sugar, I am going to start tracking my gluten intake. I do not consume very much (I don’t think) since my mom and brother are celiacs but I am going to start writing down when I knowingly consume it to see if it impacts my overall health. I am not going to go to the extremes my family has to, but I am going to cut out bread, cookies, snack items, and pasta and see what happens.

Lord, please give me strength and resolution to follow thru with this.

Stay tuned…


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