Sewing belief

Going to Haiti was something God clearly guided me to and I am so thankful. This trip was about being a positive impact on children’s lives. But really – it was about me. God was listening when I was praying for a change of heart. For a change of direction in my life. I’ve walked away from a lot of daily sin in the last year but God isn’t satisfied and neither am I. I need a new focus. A new sense of strength. God provides.

I was out of my comfort zone. There were definable moments where I was questioning, Why did you send me here God? What do you expect me to do to help these kids? I don’t even speak their language.

Then there were moments where I completely understood what I was supposed to be doing. No doubt. No fear. Those are the moments I want to live in for eternity.

How do you take eyes and ears full of joy, pain, and love, and stomachs full of rice and beans, and a heart full of questions, doubts, fears, and hope back to the USA? You get on an airplane and you pray. Lord show me how to use this experience for your will. Fill me with your purpose.

It’s interesting how much people want to know about your trip when you return. They know you are different. They know what you’ve been doing. Some ask questions, some do not.

I mentioned to my mom that the girls wear pillowcase dresses.We were sitting in the waitingroom at the local hospital today and she opened a magazine and there were the dresses, and the pattern to make the dresses. You can find it at

My grandmother and mother were/are great seemstresses. I told my mom at Christmas that I would like to learn to sew. She laughed because she thought I was joking. She’s offered to teach me for years and I’ve always bawked. My grandmother passed away May 1st. My mom will finally have the ability to come to KC to see me and has promised to buy me my first sewing machine and teach me how to sew. I think my first project will be pillowcase dresses for Haiti.


2 thoughts on “Sewing belief

  1. Beautiful… And you’re right, I hadn’t realized it before, people sense or know we are different after Haiti… Praying for the “difference” to persist and not fade away…

    Sewing belief: beautiful.

  2. OK…just found this through searching the sewing category on WP, and now I think I’ll hang out and lurk in the shadows for awhile, to see how your dresses turn out. You are so.blessed. to be able to do the Haiti mission trip!!!

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