CrossFit: Day 1A

I hurt my neck several weeks/month ago and used it as an opportunity to cancel my crossfit gym membership where I was going. My body needed a break (doctor’s orders!!) and that box wasn’t making me happy or motivated anyway.

I was cleared to start working out again, very slowly, about two weeks ago but I didn’t. I was nervous…so I went for a two mile run…and it just about killed me. Now, this is embarrassing for someone who’s run a half marathon in the last six months even if I was running hills and running super fast (for me). It was pretty pathetic. It’s amazing how not running for a couple months is terrible for your ability to go running (who would have thought? haha). But, my shoulder felt fine.

This week my chiropracter told me I was definitely clear to workout and go to a CrossFit class but I needed to take it easy. I had been complaining to some people at church about my old box so one friend suggested I try her box (CrossFit Matters). I’m am so happy that I did! It’s an incredible family of people who genuienly care about me, my health, and getting better at CrossFit!!

Go back to CrossFit after 6-8 weeks off has been extremely brutal! It’s frusterating and rewarding to ease back into it (instead of pounding my shoulder back into the doctor’s office). It’s exciting and nervewracking to be going to a new box. It has definitely made me rely more on God which is exactly what I told myself I wanted CF to do for me. I wanted to workout my body so that I could do work for God. I wanted this to change me. and change has started! I find myself praying for strength during my workouts and being thankful in prayer for having such amazing people and a place to workout dropped in my lap. It’s incredible to feel God’s presence in a place where there are so many sweat stains 🙂


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