Right or wrong, God and I have quite a few conversations about how if He wants me to do seomthing that’s out of my comfort zone, then He should make it incredibly easy for me. This has resulted in where I went to college (Texas A&M), what I ended up graduating with (Civil Engineering degree), which company I should work for, where I shoud live, etc.

When I started praying about Haiti, it was about how if God wanted me to go on this trip to Haiti, it needed to be easy.

  • I felt peace about the money – I had some funds from my Christmas bonus to spend (truth be told, I didn’t even know how much the trip was when I signed up).
  • I was nervous about telling my Mom – she basically forbade me go to Peru during Thanksgiving with some friends because my grandmother is dying but when I told her about this (after I had paid for by the way) she was thrilled for me.
  • I all-of-a-sudden had zero meetings at work that week which hasn’t happened since I started working years ago.

I made an appointment with the health center at work for a trip advisement session. They basically walk you thru the CDC printout for the country that you’re traveling to. They recommended I get a Tetanus shot (I’m 18 years over due), Hep A (I got Hep B in school already), take oral Typhoid medicine, and start a Malaria medicine the day before I leave the USA.

I can now use my arm without soreness (the Tetanus shot is killer on the deltoid) and am going to start the fundraising process. I’m paying for the trip but we take a suitcase full of toys and crafts (per person going) that I going to start collecting items for.

Please continue to pray for safe travels. Please pray for people to be generous this week so that I can have the problem of not having enough room to take everything. Please pray that I would not be stressed about leaving work behind for a week. Please pray for the people of Haiti.


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