Ah! Here we are again – it’s been a week since I last posted and so much has happened.

I’ll start with my disastrous week at CrossFit. I went on Monday morning at we did overhead squats and burpees. I actually love both of those things even though I am exhausted when I’m done with them every time. My back is not stretchy enough to facilitate  the lowest overhead squats you’ve ever seen (or anything close to them) but I feel accomplished with making marked improvements every time. My back was so sore Monday afternoon that I actually left work early to come home and lay down.

Gospel Community is Monday nights and I spent mine in all sorts of contorted positions trying to pay attention to the other ladies in the group. I even offered up my hurting back onto the prayer list. I am quite picky as to which moments in my life make their way onto the prayer list since I know I will be expected to talk about them weekly for the next six months or so. My mother is also a very private person and has taught me to keep up appearances of togetherness to others, especially church-going others. However, I couldn’t sit down comfortably so I figured multiple prayers were far better than just my own.

I awoke Tuesday morning to no pain in my back and was thanking God all day. Work was pretty slow but I’m between big projects right now and the little ones I am working on are taking less and less time and focus. Tuesday night is also game night. We played fishbowl which is always fun. Everyone writes three phrases, things, people, places, etc on three pieces of paper and puts them in the bowl. The first round is catch phrase, the second is charades  the third is only one word and the fourth is sounds. Your team is trying to guess as many of the words as possible in each round. The team with the most points at the end of the fourth round is the winner.

I am always fascinated by the choices people make to put on their cards and my the associations the mind makes with those words for you to remember the correct guesses. It’s been refreshing to be making friends from our church after nine months of not knowing anybody except the people we walked in with. It’s also fun to be around a group of people that do not feel the need to go to the bar every night for a good time. My Kiewit days still hold some scars of that…

Wednesday morning I decided to go back to CrossFit. I was feeling really good and want to be back into working out on a regular basis. (I also need to start running again since my next half marathon is less than a month away…). The WOD was power snatches and double unders – two activities I’m working on getting better. The third double under I was trying to complete after time had started generates a shearing pain in my left shoulder that radiated down my arm to my fingers and proceeded to leave my left arm numb. I dropped the jump rope and held my arm for the duration of the WOD. I was committed to not crying at the box and that was all I could manage to do.

I ended up at my roomie’s chiropractor in Lee’s Summit. Dr. Joe is amazing!! I found out that I have a 10 degree curvature in my back (T1-T5) and that my neck is too straight which has been applying pressure to the muscles in my shoulders for my entire life. These things, combined with how I sleep, has caused my vertebrae to twist which allows my ribs to dislocate/un-align. Wednesday morning, I dislocated on rib and managed to pinch a nerve in my shoulder when it slide out of place which is what caused all the pain. So good news/bad news – the pinched nerve and sliding ribs are fixable, the curved back and straight neck are manageable but not curable.

I started my treatments of decompression therapy, e-stems and adjustments last week. My shoulder is still sore but not painful (thank God!!). I will continue to go to the chiropractor three times a week for the next month or two and then we’ll see…

Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday I basically spent on my couch with a bag of ice under my shoulder. It means I should be working right now to make up some hours but I’m probably going to just take PTO.

Friday night people from church went out dancing to celebrate Paula’s birthday. I went but wore an arm splint so no one would grab my left arm and pull (that’s still very painful) and I didn’t jump or dance that much. I was a little afraid to mess up the work the doctor had already done. Plus I was pretty tired, as that was the most time I had been vertical in three days!

Yesterday I had my membership interview at Redeemer so I am officially a member of the church now!! YAY!! I’ll make another post about it but it went very well. It’s emotionally draining to talk about your problems and relationship with Christ for two hours but it was very beneficial and I’ve been thinking quite a bit about it since.

I followed that up by helping with the Special Olympics Swim Meet for several hours before succumbing to the comforts of my couch to watch it snow all evening. That’s right – I said snow! It’s the end of March and we just got 6-10 inches on the ground last night.

Snow March 2013


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