St. Pat’s

I am Texan. I was born in Dallas and have lived in the great state for 20 of my 25 years of life. I have never celebrated St. Patrick’s Day beyond wearing green and pinching my brother for not doing so.

That being said, I do not understand the ridiculous obsession people in the midwest have with the holiday. It is a symbol of Christianity spreading to Ireland. I am Christian so I appreciate the effort it took for people to believe. The shamrock was first introduced as a way to explain the Holy Trinity to pagens. However, people in Kansas City Missouri (and other places in the midwest) celebrate the holiday all month!! I’m all about a good reason to drink but really? Shamrocks? Leprecauns? Saints?

My roomate is also from Texas so we decided to embrace the holiday with our Sunday Family Dinner. We typically invite our friends over for a family-style meal that we all help prepare either before or after church on Sunday. We decided everything was either going to be green or Irish or both! The menu included potatoe soup, corned beef, cabbage, soda bread, green butter, pesto sauce & pasta, and applesauce crumb cake. It was all delicious!!

People came and went all afternoon and we powered thru two movies since it was gloomy outside. Around 7pm there was just my roomate, her boyfriend (as of yesterday afternoon :)), and a new friend of mine from church. My friend suggested we brave Westport (a bar district in KC) for a green beer, so we did. I had a great time talking, people watching, and sharing appetizers. Since it was pretty late, and a Sunday, the festivities were winding down but everyone was wearing green and having fun.

Overall it was the perfect way to celebrate this non-holiday/major midwestern holiday. 🙂 Next year I want to brave the parade or maybe go to Chicago to see their huge celebration but we’ll see. It’s not big enough of a desire to make my bucket list quite yet…


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