Tomorrow always holds promises but this today’s tomorrow holds quite a few!

  • I go back to the doctor to have her look at my ears again. I’m hoping she’s going to tell me that they look completely normal and that I can fly whenever I feel like it again. (It’s been a nice break to stay home in KC but it is a little odd. I’ve also come across a few instances where it would have been more beneficial for me to fly for my career and had to stay home…).
  • I am returning to CrossFit at 5:45am. I have not been for two weeks (eek!!) due to traveling and being so sick but I’m going back in the morning. I’m sure it will be as miserable as the first class I took a month and half ago but it will have a few familiar faces to make it better (ask me Tuesday or Wednesday if I can move my arms or not)
  • Gospel Community starts tomorrow night at 7pm. It’s small group for my church and will undoubtedly be full of small talk and introductions but those are the first steps towards greater memories. I am going with mixed emotions. I wanted to be in a co-ed group but am in a single women under 30 group. I’ve already got a great group of friends from work so it will interesting to see God use this in ways I had not imagined when I originally signed up…

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