It’s been awhile. It’s funny that being grounded has made me want to do nothing but go to work, come home, watch tv, and go to bed. No blogging. Not really any facebook-ing either. Just blah.

Maybe that feeling is really due to the fact that I haven’t worked out in over a week (and quickly approaching two weeks eek!). Or maybe it’s due to the fact that I really don’t feel good and am still struggling to battle this sinus infection. EIther way, I’m not a fan.

So updates:

  • Work has been crazy busy! 1 project just finished, 1 project is finishing, 1 project starting, 3 projects bidding = lots of work for me!!
  • Small group at church starts on Monday – I’m having mixed emotions about it right now. I’ve worked hard to re-focus my desires in my very personal life and am looking forward to Christ-centered relationships with men. It’s hard to meet men when you’re in an all-girls small group…which just goes to show that I still have some perspective changing to do…
  • I’ve been getting 9+ hours of sleep every night since Friday and it’s amazing (except the still being tired part)
  • My grandfather died 16 years ago today
  • I had a perfect week in our daily trivia game at work last week and I’m tied for 3rd place 🙂
  • My prize for a perfect week in jeopardy was a transformer action figure for my desk – he’s cute!

That’s about it for the randoms right now…


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