Restaurant Week: Bristol

Last night was our trip to Bristol Seafood Restaurant in P&L downtown KC. Traffic was miserable to get up there (crazy wreck on highway 71) but the experience was superb. I will definitely be going back!

We sat at a very large table in a room divided by the wine racks. The architecture was very interesting as it provided a limited view to the rest of the restaurant as well as a view of the wine selection. They have Frog’s Leap Zinfindel which is probably my number one favorite wine to drink. You can’t buy it as an individual, you just have to go to a restaurant that serves it. It’s about $50 a bottle so not terribly expensive and entirely worth it.

I checked into foursquare so we ended up with a free order of calamari to share while we drank wine. Dinner was lobster bisque (best bisque I’ve ever had), crab cakes with grilled asparagus and mashed potatoes, and chocolate lava cake with raspberries and hazelnut ice cream. Needless to say, I was in heaven! Everything tasted superb and the service could not have been any better. Our waitress got a great tip and I will be going back to eat many more times in the future!!


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